Saturday, December 20, 2008

Counting my blessings...

I had another event yesterday that put life into perspective again...

Around 6 pm last night Nathan was trying to get on a skateboard at a friend's house so I picked him up leaving the skateboard there (he's one and definitely not ready to skateboard) and began to scream. Now Nate, when he gets hurt or angry, has the tendency to scream one big long scream and then not inhale for 8-10 seconds and then start screaming at the top of his lungs again. So, this is what he began to do and I told him, like I usually do, "breathe Nate, breathe! C'mon Nate! BREATHE!" and then he tensed up and then went limp in my arms. I started yelling hysterically for Thad and we both watched his eyes roll back into his head. I had one of those "oh gosh" moments and I thought that maybe his time was gone. I didn't know what was happening...we laid him on the couch, had the girls call 911, and started breathing into his mouth to try to keep oxygen to his brain. He laid there for what seemed like an eternity lifeless and limp. I wondered if this was really happening to us...finally he came to slowly, but still listless and lethargic, but at least he was breathing. It was the longest 20-30 seconds of our lives.

The police, ambulances and fire department arrived quickly and assessed the situation and then hauled Nate and I to the ER in La Palma. He continued to scream and even turned blue right in front of one of the nurses who began to interrogate me about why I hadn't brought him in for this before! Ugh! It wasn't this serious before! Eventually I got to hold him, feed him, and sing to him and he calmed down (well, of course after they stopped poking him!)
They were very nice to us there but didn't have a pediatric place so they needed to transfer him to a hospital that had a pediatric place and a place that our insurance would cover. We stayed there until 1 am when Kaiser finally came to get us and transfer us all the way to Sunset (all the way in Hollywood), since all of the close hospitals were full, and we arrived there around 1:45am.

It was a long night in a room that had 4 kids in it and a bunch of sleeping parents (we got the floor since all of the chairs were taken) and they kept waking the poor kid up. Sunset was where he had his surgery back in April 2008 but we had a totally different experience this time. We had a hard time getting help from the nurses, the doctor took forever to come see him and it was a nightmare. Finally at noon today a doctor came to see him (besides the one that checked him in last night at 2 am) and told us that they think that it was a Breath Holding Spell, that they're somewhat common (well, not the passing out part) and that it could happen again. He also told us to watch for signs of him having a seizure (even though they don't think that it was you can never be too sure!)

It was a long, no, a super-long, stress-filled night that ended with a healthy kid but two overly tired, grumpy, bickering parents! I am glad that Heavenly Father saw fit to leave Nathanael with us for the time being--I'm not ready to let him go just yet. It makes every second count even more.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Tree People

Sammy and I met the kids from the school's Habitat for Humanity club down on 6th Street in Long Beach this morning. We met up with the Tree People Group and planted trees. It was a lot of fun and Sammy really enjoyed it. He loved that they had little shovels for kids and was happy to be able to play and wear the gloves too. He got to jump and help compact the dirt and they even named a tree after him (see below). It was a good morning! There are more pics here on SmugMug!

Here we are in front of the new tree they named Sammy!
Here is our group of kids and our tree Pepper (short for Pepperoni since that is what Sam called it after the kids named it Pepper)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas is coming...

I've been really excited since yesterday when I realized that it was DECEMBER! Woo hoo! I wore one of my cheesy Christmas sweaters on it with penguins and snowflakes and even donned some snowflake earrings to match. To my surprise I got a lot of compliments on the sweater and tons on the earrings. Anyway, I digress, the point of this entry is...we decorated a gingerbread house!

We were invited over for FHE to Grandma and Grandpa Marcroft's house for dinner and to make a gingerbread house. The kids had fun playing with blocks and cars and trying to eat everything but it was a good way to begin the month! :) Enjoy the pictures...more at SmugMug.

Sammy began trying to piece it together right away...
Thad was in charge of the glue, I mean frosting. I had to stick the candies on as he frosted!
Nathan was being super cheesy smiler and kept squinting and smiling super is one of his cheesiest smiles! :)
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