Sunday, March 11, 2012

Samism: His Newest Obsession…Angry Birds!

Overheard in our house a week or two ago…

Sammy: Mom, I know what I’m going to ask Santa for..
Mommy: Oh yeah, what?
Sammy: Well, I don’t need a smart phone or anything, but I want an iPod to play angry birds on…

So…he loves Angry Birds and up until he/we discovered it on Facebook a week or two ago only played it from time to time on someone else’s phone while waiting before/after practice. Now he has to earn time to play it by playing outside and helping out.  He still loves snakes and sharks but does make lots of pictures now and scanned this one in himself today.


And yes, I did say he scanned it in himself. He is beginning to read things very well and pretty much figured it out on his own. I did have to help him (from afar) to flip the image.

Anyway…I know it is silly but I’d love to be able to remember these days in the future…

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