Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Little Garden - A New Beginning

One thing that I did get done over Spring Break was to weed the garden, till, fertilize and replant! We rotated our "crops" and this year (so far) we have 2 cherry tomatoes, 2 beef steak tomatoes, green onions, 1 zucchini, strawberries and 3 types of cucumbers. I have a few seedlings that I'm hoping to be able to transplant soon (sweet peas, green beans, pumpkins, and broccoli) . I hope that we have a yummy crop this summer! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sammy's First Visit to the Dentist!

I finally found a place that would see Sammy! I called and emailed so many places and they all told me that he was too young for them--he's three!!! I called my sister Cathy to see where she took her kids and to see if they take my insurance. I took him to see Dr. Don Wood, he's also a member of her ward, and I was really impressed. They were all super nice there and they were really good with him!

I really didn't know how much Sammy would let them do but I really tried to prep him before hand so that he wouldn't be nervous. First Dr. Wood came and introduced himself and Sammy (without being asked) opened up his mouth wide and Dr. Wood counted his teeth. Then the assistant took x-rays of his teeth, cleaned his teeth and even put fluoride on his teeth. Sammy got a little nervous with the suction thing but he got over it quickly. I was really proud of him! He did so well and was super excited when he got a new Lightening McQueen toothbrush and suction cup toothbrush holder and then on top of that he got to pick a toy for being so good--he got a forklift. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Un Viajecito a Mexico...

Thad and I (with a little bit of help from some willing and wonderful grandparents) took a three day cruise to Ensenada, Mexico and back as an early 5 year anniversary getaway. I wasn't really worried about the kids because they adore their grandparents and I knew that they'd be fine. That said I had been prepping them for us leaving telling them that they were going to Grandma's and that she was picking them up and when she pulled up Nate when sprinting to her car and turned back to wave and said "bye-bye!" and Sammy buckled himself and the two backpacks into the car without being asked. LOL. I knew that they'd eventually miss me...

Our friend Ed drove us to the Long Beach port and Sammy came along to see the ships and trains while Nate went with Grandma since it was nap time. We accidentally went to the San Pedro port first (oops) but luckily it was close via bridge to the LB port! We got there in time to eat lunch and have tons of time before the ship sailed to walk around and get to know the ship a bit.

The first full day, Saturday, we docked early in the morning in Ensenada, and had time to play there until about 6 pm. Thad and I had gone to sleep early the night before and when I woke up at 5 or so in the morning I needed to eat (or get sick) and we found out that the pizza place was open 24 hours a day so we got fresh pizza (since breakfast didn't start till 7!!) It was definitely some of the best pizza that I'd ever had! Yum-o! After that we took a nap and then had some fruit and hot chocolate before heading to Ensenada around 9:30 am.

We took a shuttle out to the blowhole, La Bufadora, which is about 20 miles outside of Ensenada. It was only $15 per person and well worth it! It was a full moon and rainy the night before so the tide was high and the blowhole was great! It was blowing water up about every 30 seconds or so and anywhere from 20 to 80 feet in the air! The only other blowhole in the world is in Hawaii so it was kind of fun to be there. After watching the blowhole for 10 minutes or so and getting some great pictures of it and some beautiful rainbows we headed to the next best thing about being out by La Bufadora-the shopping!! Even the locals shop here because in town the prices are higher because of the proximity to the cruise dock. We got a few more things that we anticipated but I think that we got good deals. I got a pair of silver earrings (bargained down from $50 or so to $20), a big soft Mexican blanket (down from $35 to $12 --woo hooo!), 2 spiderman capes (these were the hardest to bargain for from $8 down to $4!), a buffalo leather wallet (from $45 or something CRAZY like that down to $15), a leather belt (from $25 to $10), two kids shirts (from $5 to $3 a piece), some fresh churros and some delicious, fresh tacos from a stand that we were passing and that I couldn't pass up--fresh made tortillas and all for $1 a piece! We got back to the ship $100 poorer, full to the brim but happy that we had fun and had bargained our hearts out!

That day we took a nap and I read a bit of Inkspell before heading out for a snack, a walk around the ship, watched Bolt and then We had a bad experience with "open dining" and after waiting 45 minutes got changed back to traditional dining (they had changed us without asking). Later that night we went to a show and then passed out watching the ship channel...

We got up early Easter morning and had a nice breakfast and then lazied around all day...watched movies, walked around the ship, enjoyed the sun, and even did some dolphin and seal watching (I spotted them first and everyone came running--woo hoo--there must have been 100 of them!) and it was pretty neat. We tried to get pictures but it is really hard to get good pictures of dolphins playing and jumping in the water! We had a nice dinner, dressed up for formal pictures, and enjoyed our last kid-free night walking around the ship and enjoying the beautiful views and nice cool breeze. We fell asleep watching High School Musical 3 (woo hooo--there were soo many channels to choose from ;) ) later that night.

We got up early the next morning tried to eat pizza but that was closed so we ate some fruit and hot breakfast when they opened up. Then we went back to pack the few final things and then relaxed till it was time to debark the ship. We got a little talkin' to by the customs agent since we didn't have our passports yet (you don't HAVE to have them for Mexico until July but they are pushing it now) and we only had our Driver's Licenses which the cruise line said was okay but the customs guy wasn't too happy with. This was one time that I was glad for racial profiling since he lectured us and then let us go.

It was a fun trip but I'm glad that we didn't take the boys. I would NOT have been able to relax with an 18 month old and probably not even the 3 1/2 year old on a moving vessel. Too many places to lose them, too many people, and just not fun for them. It was nice from time to time to see some cute kids on the ship but I was glad that they were at home playing and having a blast without us. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us escape on this early 5th anniversary cruise!!!

If you're still crazy enough to see more pictures you can look here on Facebook to see about 30 or on SmugMug to see the rest!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Who's that crazy pregnant lady with the two wild boys?

I think that is what some of the people at the Towne Center were thinking today when they saw me...

Thad is always saying that I need to let the boys be boys and be crazier. The other day when Nate (now 18 months old) was counting to three (although it is cuter than heck to hear him count) and then jumping off the couch Thad said, "at least they're not jumping off the house yet". Off the house? Oh man, I'm in for it with three boys aren't I?

Anyway, I digress, and my stories get too long Thad says, so I'll focus back on my adventure at the Towne Center. I decided to be a good teacher and go support the Boys Baseball Team at their Rubio's Fundraiser tonight and eat and let the boys play at bit--they love running around there up and down the stairs at the Towne Center and especially sitting by the fountain. Today was not too different but there was another family of four boys that were doing the same thing and Sammy just jumped in and was chasing them. I wanted to go back and get some water from Rubios and Sammy was ignoring me so I ran in and got some water while toting my 30 pound heavyweight Nate.

We came back out and Nate was squirming to get out of my arms so I started chasing him and trying to watch Sammy over by the fountain when all of a sudden Sammy disappears around the back side of the fountain (which is usually okay because he marches around and around and around it) but only this time he doesn't come immediately back out and I hear a little boy start screaming. Ahhhh! Nate is running one way, Sammy has fallen into the fountain and I don't know where to run so I ditch Nate and hope he doesn't fall or run off or get stolen and I run to grab Sammy from the fountain. I get there just as two high school kids are helping him out and grab him soaking wet and throw him into the stroller and then run and chase Nate who is climbing up the gate and then falls (luckily not on his head). Sigh. I didn't even stop to see what people were saying I just ran to the car, stripped Sammy,threw him in the car and headed for home. Wow, what a day. I can only imagine what is to come...I guess I won't be adventuring off to the Towne Center with three by myself until they're a little bigger...

p.s. it would have been a great picture with Sammy dripping wet in his orange shirt and khaki shorts crying and shivering but alas my camera was dead--dumb Murphy!
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