Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Break Fun 2012

So…don’t you just love the feeling of waking up every morning and feeling like it is Saturday only to realize that it is the middle of the week?! I do! I must have had that feeling at some point each day this week and it was wonderful! I thought (since I’ve been bad at journaling this month) I’d write about a few of our recent activities!

Today it was rainy a lot of the morning so we played with blocks, painted, baked cookies and tried to not destroy the house (ha!) In the evening the boys cleaned up the leaves outside for fun! (Their choice not mine, now if I could get them to clean their room without fits…)


In general we have been outside a lot! We have been jumping on the trampoline, playing hide and go seek, riding bikes and playing in the dirt!


Yesterday we had friends come to town to visit and decided we’d ride our bikes to meet them at the park. Sam wasn’t too happy (he wanted to take the car) and I found out later that his tires were a little flat and it made it hard for him but we fixed it before the ride home! Daddy met us there when the baby woke up, switches spots with me and we rode to McDonald’s for cheeseburgers and ice cream cones before afternoon naps for the little ones!

Here are the boys and I ready for our little ride (I just got Wee Ride Co-Pilot bike for Danny and we still have the trailer for the baby!)


My friends Grace and Becky who were in town!


Sammy enjoying his treat!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas - 2012

TheBoys_December2012_ 018Merry Christmas to all! It was a beautiful Christmas Eve and such great weather for Christmas Day as well, brisk and sunny! :) We had a great time (even if the boys are still working on the whole being grateful thing).

We had two great days. On Christmas Eve we enjoyed dinner with G&G Driggs at Don Jose's, we were part of the Christmas nativity and program at Great Grandma's house, we “enjoyed” a super late night getting stuff ready for Santa and Christmas, lots of fun with the boys on Chrismtas morning, breakfast and presents at G&G Marcroft's and later dinner at the Repetti's with the Driggs side of the family! We missed seeing the Fongs and the Keens this year (they’re in Utah) but it just means that the celebration will be continued later!

Christmas is just a magical time of year. I felt really spoiled yesterday and got some really nice things! The boys were really spoiled by family and friends too and are haven’t stopped playing since they got their presents and have been seen lugging their bags of goodies and toys.

I haven’t gotten around to sending Christmas cards yet (well, I did send out four, and I might try getting a few more out this week, but if you got one of those four you’re lucky, or maybe you were just the first one to send me a card this year!) LOL. I’ll paste my silly letter in here to read as well as the photo from the card!

Merry Christmas from the Marcroft Family! Thanks for loving us enough to follow us on this journey of life!


Merry Christmas from the Marcrofts! Christmas 2012

We might actually get some Christmas cards sent this year! Woo hoo for Mom! Things are going well this year. Here is a little about each of the members of our family!

Thaddeus (aka Daddy) is in his final year at Long Beach State University! He has a little more than a semester left until he finishes his accounting degree there. He is a great student and dad who takes the boys to and from school and when Mom gets home he leaves for his long afternoons/evenings at school and tries to fit studying in sometime at home with the boys (or late at night). He continues to work with the YM in the church as Scoutmaster and goes on monthly outings with them.

Allison (aka Mommy) is still busy teaching at Cerritos High School which is about 3 miles from home. She also has two “tech periods” this year in the which she does tech support for the teachers and admin and maintains the school website. Life is busy! When she gets home from school she changes hats to her mom hat, kisses Dad on the way out to school and starts to play with, clean up after and fix food for four crazy boys! She is also loving her calling in the Stake Primary and loves to substitute teach in primary too! When she has time she tries to keep her blog updated so if you want to read about our crazy adventures and silly stories head over to

Samuel (age 7) is in first grade and is loving it. He doesn’t like HW but he loves school. He enjoys getting ice off the top of the trailer in the morning (we’ve had some cold mornings recently) and drawing (sharks, cheetahs, angry birds, cars, helicopters, planes and tanks). He likes to read and ride his bike and play outside in the dirt and mud! He is (usually) a good big brother and especially loves to take care of baby Benjamin!

Nathan (age 5) is in Transitional Kindergarten (formerly called Preppy K) which is a two year kindergarten program for late year birthdays and will be in “normal” kindergarten next year. He loves school and especially his teacher, Mrs. MacInnis, and HW (he just added). He enjoys doing homework, practicing his letters, riding his bike with his big brother Samuel, and helping Mom in the kitchen.

Danny boy (age 3) is in love with trains, helicopters and BALLOONS! He (almost always) has a bag full of trains/cars/helicopters and will settle for a picture of a balloon if a real one is not available. He loves to play with his little brother Benny boy when the big boys are at school. He also likes to ride his bike with the big boys!

Benjamin (13 months) is walking all over everywhere and into everything (especially the dishwasher!) He loves his brothers and used to only giggle for them which made Mom and Dad very jealous! He is very happy and his big Marcroft smile and bright blue eyes get a lot of attention when we’re out! He loves his grandparents on both sides and loves to hug them and smother them with kisses.

Thank you for being part of our lives and remember that even though we’re not good at keeping in touch we always remember and think of you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, The Marcrofts (Thaddeus, Allison, Samuel, Nathanael, Daniel and Benjamin)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Disneyland: A Magical Night

TheBoys_December2012_ 016I forgot to mention the best part of last night's adventure at Disneyland!
I always try to bring snacks with us so that it doesn't cost us anything but somehow most of the snacks didn't make it into the backpack and the boys were really hungry! When we got off the Storybook Boat Ride I smelled fresh popcorn and wandered over to see how much it was--I saw it was only $4 so I thought, okay, we can do this, they can share one and it won't cost us too much. We waited patiently in line (well, I waited and the boys ran up to the front of the line and watched the popcorn up close; the people in front of me were nice although after a few minutes they did ask where their mom was and luckily I was close by!)
It was almost our turn but we had to wait for some more popcorn to be popped. Sammy was busy reading and explaining to the boys the different sizes: the small, $4, the medium with a plastic souvenir cup, $6 and then the oohs and ahhs came when they saw the deluxe Santa Mickey, but when Sammy said the price, $12, they all agreed it was a lot of money and sighed. I think that they were just happy that we were even getting popcorn! :)
The new round of popcorn finally finished popping and the lady in front of us ordered a medium popcorn and a deluxe Mickey Mouse filled with popcorn and the boys were so excited for her! Then, she turned and spoke to them:
I know that you shouldn’t take food from strangers but since your mom is here maybe you can ask her if it’s okay for you to have this (and she handed them a Santa Mickey full of hot, delicious popcorn).
I stammered and said “yes, of course” and she replied with “Merry Christmas” and went on to where ever she was headed. I started crying because I couldn’t believe a stranger could be so sweet. Little Danny asked me if I was sad to which I replied, “no, just really happy”. Thank you to whomever you are. You made four little boys really happy and a touched a mommy’s heart!
TheBoys_December2012_ 023
p.s. here are a few more pics from the night…We made cookies, saw Mrs. Claus, went on the carousel and more!
p.p.s They published my story on the Disney Insider Newsletter on Tee hee! :D

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Benjamin–Age 1

IMG_0741Doesn’t it seem like it was just a few months ago when I was really pregnant and then he arrived? Well, it’s been a year and he turned one this past week (and yes, I’m just now getting around to it!) :)

Here are some things about him (as this is my official journaling entry) that I’d like to remember:

  • He has a great smile and smiles a lot but it is super hard to get him to laugh or giggle. He’ll hold his breath and stifle it and you might get a giggle or two out if you’re lucky!
  • He loves to eat. His favorite foods are bananas, pears, spaghetti and he still loves the baby food pureed veggies and oatmeal!
  • He is quite stubborn and will throw a fit when he doesn’t get his way or if you take something away from him (that he shouldn’t have!) :(
  • He is quite tall (off the charts like his brothers) and is almost tall enough to go on some of the rides with height requirements with Disneyland! He is long-waisted though (like his mom) so the shirts are too short and the pants are too long! :)
  • He is the “favorite” brother right now and can bring a smile to a grumpy, tired Danny, a hurt Nathan or a pouty Sammy in an instant!
  • Sammy says, “I think it’s cute when he walks!” He’s walking all over the place and doesn’t want to be held or stopped now that he has found freedom! He can turn around and get up and start walking without holding on to anything too.
  • If he likes you he’ll try to slap at your face (ouch!) because he’s so excited!
  • He’s a mama’s boy but if mom’s not around he’s happy with Daddy…
  • …but he ADORES his grandmas and will leap out of mom’s arms into either of his grandmas but comes back when he’s hungry (he definitely knows the source of food!)
  • He loves to sit on the ground next to Mom/Grandma and crawl on, around, by and then leap forward into my/her arms just for fun. He also loves to toss balls back and forth.
  • We affectionately call him Benny, Ben, Ben-Ben, Benjamin and sometimes the kids will call him Benji. We love nicknames!
  • We’re glad that you’re in our family Benjamin!
  • IMG_0711

p.s. He loved eating cake but we knew that he would!  


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sammy the “Scout”

Scouts_PointMagu_Nov16-17_2012_ 001The church doesn’t officially start their scouting program until age 8 when they enter cub scouts as wolves (they skip being Tigers) and we’ve wondered if we should put Sam into cub scouts in an outside troop. We haven’t done so but this last weekend Thad decided to bring him along on his scout outing to Point Magu in Malibu. Sam was ecstatic and jumped at the chance to go with Daddy.

Eight scouts went on the trip plus Sam and three leaders. On the way up they ate at Tommy’s and Sam enjoyed his first chili burger and chili fries! That night they set up camp and played with the fire. I found out from Thad that a few of the scouts got soaked because they forgot to put on their tent fly leaving them totally exposed during the night—ahh!  Oh, and another forgot to zip the front after going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and yes, another soaked tent!

Scouts_PointMagu_Nov16-17_2012_ 033In the morning Sam got up at 6:30 am (despite going to bed at 10:30pm), threw on his shoes and immediately started playing. Before breakfast he walked to the beach with Thaddeus and Kevin (a leader) and played in the water by himself. After that they went back and had yummy breakfast burritos, in Sam’s words “we had yummy tortillas with eggs and bacon inside of them!” About 10:30am they hiked two miles in the rain. Later the scouts played football in the sand at the beach while Sam played in the sand and caught sand crabs with Steven; he even tried to feed sand crabs to the seagulls.

Overall Sammy said that he had a great time! He can’t wait for Daddy to drag him along again! :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nathan: Transitional Kindergarten :)

TheBoys_November2012_ 070I had a picture or two of Nathan and I wanted to share (and document it for myself here since this is the only journal I am currently using!)

He’s doing well and loving school! He has told me that he loves school, he loves homework, and that he loves Mrs. MacInnis (his teacher!)

He seems to be doing well (still a bit wiggly in class but trying hard) but making leaps and bounds in letter writing, drawing and math!

This is one of my favorite pictures:

TheBoys_November2012_ 002It shows what he is currently doing when he writes/draws. He isn’t sure what hand is best to use so he goes back and forth. Some letters with one hand, some with the other. Coloring some things with the left and then others with the right. Sometimes it is the proximity to the crayon or place that he wants to write/color and sometimes it is because the other hand is busy. Sammy is jealous that he can write with either hand (for now). His teacher assures me that he’ll pick a hand when it is time!

All in all I think that it was good placement for him! I’m glad that the school offers this class and that it will be a great starting place for his education! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Samism: All mushy inside…

TheBoys_November2012_ 056We had just left Disney’s CA Adventure and were heading over to Disneyland for the last hour to see all of the Christmas lights. We were walking down Main Street and it was so beautiful. We had just passed a huge Douglas Fir with tons of ornaments and Sam and I were holding hands and walking and looking up at the lights, bells and beautiful decorations above us. Me, being the crying type, started to get teary eyed and Sammy quickly noticed.

Sam: Mom?
Me: I’m okay, I just love all of this; the sights and sounds of Christmas make me happy.
Sam: Oh, you mean you like the decorations and the horse poop?
Me: <Trying not to die of laughter> Yes Sam, the decorations and the horse poop make me so happy!

Oh to be a little boy.

Disneyland11-14-12 (722x1024)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

TheBoys_October2012_ 423Here is a little about our day:

At school the teachers in my building dressed up as cowgirls and a few of us gathered to take a picture!

Halloween-DayoftheDead_CHS_2012_ 016After school we carved pumpkins…which was fun, well, besides the part where I was too lazy to get up to wash my hands after cleaning out two pumpkins and tried to cut the third with a big knife since the boys had stolen the “little safe pumpkin carving ‘knife’” and sliced my thumb open, it was a good great day. (The blood was a nice touch to the pumpkin since Danny chose Vampire Mickey! LOL!) Oh, and in true little brother fashion, Nathan picked the SAME Jack Skellington template that big brother Sammy did and wouldn’t budge, hence, the two Jack pumpkins!

      TheBoys_October2012_ 400 TheBoys_October2012_ 401 TheBoys_October2012_ 398

We started the evening off by going to visit my mom (Dad was working as a Volunteer On Patrol at the City Halloween Festival) and we trick or treated around her block! I always like visiting there since so many people know me and the kids—it makes it fun! 

TheBoys_October2012_ 403

TheBoys_October2012_ 413

I forgot to mention that Danny was having a hard day and didn’t want to put a costume on (and why he’s not in the picture at the top of the page; he didn’t want to be in it!)  :(

Later we headed to the other side of town to visit G&G Marcroft and then over to Great Grandma Marcroft’s house. The kids might eventually want to do something other than just visit grandparents but it seemed to make each of their nights so it made me happy and the boys love seeing them too!

TheBoys_October2012_ 425

Oh, and here is a picture from the church Halloween trunk or treat that was last week…I never posted pictures, I know, terrible!

TheBoys_October2012_ 379

And just some good pics of each of the boys!

TheBoys_October2012_ 382

TheBoys_October2012_ 387    TheBoys_October2012_ 388

TheBoys_October2012_ 385

Oops..I never got a really good picture of him! Maybe I’ll have to stick him in it again and take one… :)

TheBoys_October2012_ 407

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Samuel: 7 years old

TheBoys_October2012_ 176Samuel turned seven yesterday so I wanted to document a little about him.

  • He mostly prefers being called Samuel but lets Mommy call him whatever (Sam, Sammy, Sammy boy) but he also really likes his full name, Samuel Clifford Marcroft.
  • He is huge. Like, 4 ft. 7 huge, and towers over almost every other kid, including some 12 year olds that we know. He’s also dense so don’t try to pick him up unless you bend with your knees!
  • He is a happy kid but doesn’t like doing homework. He’d rather be playing.
  • He loves bike riding, riding scooters, playing tag, and playing in the mud!
  • He loves playing on the computer (when I allow it) and loves games like Cut-the-Rope, Angry Birds, Dragon City (on FB)
  • He loves his baby brother Benjamin and is usually really good with him (which is such a blessing to have someone to help). He is usually good with the others too unless, of course, they want the same thing…then it just gets loud!
  • He loves spiders, snakes, bugs, and anything else like that!
  • He loves space, space shuttles, astronauts, planets the works!
  • He love mining (or minding as he calls it!) and makes books of gems and minerals. He has a few real rocks/stones that were mine when I was younger and can’t wait to get more!
  • He loves rock climb, even “rock climbing” means tying a jump rope or anything else that he can find that is long, around his waste and trying to climb the back fence (even though Mom doesn’t like this because it scares me since it’s not proper equipment and could be fatal and has told him NOT to a thousand times!)

For his birthday first he wanted to get a treat; Yogurtland is right by his school so we stopped there! Then we did a little homework (I know, I’m awful eh? I only made him do half, the rest he finished today), packed up the kids and headed to Redwood Creek Challenge Trail where they rode the tire swing, rock climbed, slid down the rock slides, ran like crazy kids, climbed through the maze of bridges and more. I think we played there for 2+ hours before I begged them to leave since I needed to change Ben’s diaper! He also wanted to ride Ariel’s ride and then Toy Story Mania but the Toy Story line was too long so we hit King Triton’s Carousel before heading out. We ran into another crazy family of (almost) four boys and it was like finding kindred spirits! Fun, fun, fun!

I think that we had a great time and a great birthday! We love you Sammy boy! I told him a little about the day he was born and I heard him retell a few people about how he arrived at 3 am on the dot, just like they said that he would…kind of fun!

Where should we go??!

TheBoys_October2012_ 178

King Triton’s Carousel

TheBoys_October2012_ 197

Rock climbing! On a real wall not on our back wall! Hooray!

TheBoys_October2012_ 185

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Adventure: Space Shuttle Endeavour

IMGP6427A few weeks ago the boys and Thad went to Disneyland to see the Space Shuttle fly across the sky as it was strapped to the back of a 747. I was sad that I missed that but was happy to have been a part of today. We tried to figure out when and where it would be best to see it and thought that this morning would be the easiest on the boys so we got dressed and off we went!

There were a lot more people there to see it at the Forum than I expected and luckily there was still parking at the Hollywood Park next door! We got there just in time and even though I would have just preferred being able to see it there were some politicians seizing the moment with some boring speeches but hey, it was there, and then it quieted for a moment and then there was some sentimental space music, and lots of oohs and ahhhs as they began to move it slowly (2 mph) down Manchester to its next spot. That is when I got all sentimental. I put Nate on my shoulders, Thad had Danny on his and Sammy standing up in the stroller and I just started sobbing. I think that it was, a) a mixture of excitement just being so close, b) excitement of seeing the boys’ excitement, and c) sadness since I had always wanted to go to see a space shuttle launch and now I can’t. :(

I’m glad that we went. It was something that I’ll definitely remember and I hope that the boys do too. I can’t wait to see it in the museum when we go the next time, although I’d love it even more if we were able to explore it. Maybe they can make a room that is like it for us to explore!

See more stories and great pictures of its final “journey” here or here at the LA!

Here are some pictures:
Sam, Dad and Dan


They were so excited to be so close!



Mom and Nathan!


Just happy to be there!


Here is one before it left our view. I remembered that I hadn’t gotten one of us! Bye-bye Endeavour!


Benny boy! All smiles until he got too tired on the way home, fussed, and then passed out (phew!) :)


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nathan: 5 years old

Nathan turned five last week but I wanted to document a little about him.

  • TheBoys_October2012_ 065He doesn’t like to be called Nate or Nathanael, and definitely not Nathanael James, and if you do he’ll tell you, “I’m just Nathan”
  • He loves Transitional Kindergarten with Mrs. MacInnis!
  • He loves grapes, mini wheats, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, oatmeal, and macaroni and cheese!
  • He’s a big five year old, 100% height/weight
  • He is very goofy and has a favorite maroon sweater that he finally got to wear today to school since it was raining and he was so excited!
  • He asks the same questions over and over and over and over again maybe trying to get a different answer?
  • He might be left handed but when he does his school work and drawing he still switches back and forth.
  • He loves the colors green and orange (and any other favorite colors that Sammy has).
  • He’s very stubborn and when he doesn’t want to do something he might have to be lifted and moved which is quite difficult since he’s so big/heavy! Sigh.
  • He still suffers from breath-holding spells when he gets really hurt or is really, really, angry.
  • He loves his brothers but he’s so clumsy (like me) that it worries me when he tries to carry Benny around.
  • He has a favorite friend at school named Adrian.
  • He loves bike riding, riding his brother’s scooter and playing in the dirt, mud and water.
  • He’s very sensitive (which Sammy takes advantage of)
  • He loves to help me in the kitchen! (He decorated the cake above and told me what to write)
  • He wants everything to be fair! And exactly fair at that! Minutes. Portions.
  • He loves Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.
  • When he gets scared during a movie he runs and hides around the corner (if we’re at home) or just hides his face until “it’s safe”
  • He has the biggest smile and best hugs.

Here are some pictures to enjoy!

Here is some of his art work from school.

TheBoys_October2012_ 085

TheBoys_October2012_ 084

On Big Thunder Mountain – he loves it, not sure why he covers his ears though…he is very sensitive to loud noises!

TheBoys_October2012_ 036

He got to bring Brownie Sunny home from class and they had a blast!

TheBoys_October2012_ 072

At school on his birthday with his big brother!

TheBoys_October2012_ 018

Dole Pineapple Whip for his birthday treat that he shared with Mommy! It was good (my first time) but I like the ones that I make with our blender even more although they’re worse for you since I use 2 scoops of ice cream!

TheBoys_October2012_ 019

We love you Nathan! We’re glad that you are part of our family! We are glad that we got to spend the afternoon with you at Disneyland like you wanted!

Javier's8thBday_Sept2012_ 025

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