Thursday, March 11, 2010

Samism: The Creation

Sammy_March2010_Butteryfly Tonight during a bowl of Trix this conversation came up and I knew that I needed to record it because it shows just what a cute kid he can be! (By the way, the Trix weren’t his dinner but he was still hungry after finishing his dinner, a pear, a handful of apple slices and a tangerine—he must be growing again!)

Sammy:  “How does Heavenly Father go up there, you know, to heaven and space?”

Mommy: “Um, I guess that he can fly.”

Sammy: “Oh. So when he made the Sun he flew up there and made a big ball, glued rocks on it and then flew up there with a match and lit it on fire.”

Mommy: “Oh?”

Sammy: “And he made the stars and the moon too. When he made the moon he drew the moon, then glued rocks on it too. And Mars too.”

Mommy: “Yes, and Mars too.”

Sammy: “You like those stories?”

Mommy: “Yes, I like those stories.”

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sammy, My Book of Mormon Reader

Sammy_March22010 We missed Sammy’s first primary activity last year and therefore didn’t get all of the information about what their goals were for the year and so I didn’t know about The Articles of Faith or the Book of Mormon Challenge.

This year Sammy went and I’m a bit more informed (thanks Kathryn and Grace!) The little guys don’t have to read the whole Book of Mormon but they challenge them to get through the condensed picture version twice. I started about two weeks ago with Sammy and he is loving it. We read about 10-15 pages a night (and he always wants me to read more but sometimes it is getting very late and Mommy decides that it’s time for bed).

You know, The Book of Mormon is quite the story book for a little boy with lots of bad guys, cutting off arms and even scalps, armies, wars and bloodshed. Tonight we SlayingLabanread about Retreiving the Brass Plates and Laban and he wanted to see the picture where Nephi killed him. He also loved one of my favorite stories, Ammon, and wanted to see the arms that they took to the king. And he loves all of the boat building (and here too!)!

Anyway. We finished it once already and I’m sure we’ll finish it many more times this year at this rate! It is fun to me that he’s having so much fun with it and hey I’m getting my reading in too! :)

p.s. He’s even doing well on the Articles of Faith and sometimes says one and two by himself (without any suggestion by me) before bed after he says his prayers although he’s told me a couple of times, “wow, the third one is hard” but he’s getting it!

p.p.s. You can read, watch/hear the stories with the pictures online for the BoM, Old Testament, New Testament or Doctrine & Covenants or just visit the scripture stories index HERE! And if you haven't checked out the Friend online there are fun things too so head over!

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