Monday, September 24, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray! Clean teeth today!

TheBoys_September2012_ 256Okay…so this was actually last week but my life is a bit crazy all the time at times.

We went for our bi-annual check ups (even though Sammy says he wants to go more often because he’s just sure that I only take him once a year) at Dr. Wood’s Office in Cypress. The boys just love it there! The big event this year was that Danny (who just turned three and refused to let Dr. Wood do anything at the last visit) not only sat in the chair but let them count, polish and even put fluoride on his teeth! And all with a huge smile! :) Hooray for Danny boy!

And on that note…he’s finally starting to potty train willingly and is going on his own to pee in the toilet! Hooray (since he used to cry and scream if I’d even mention it!) I always knew he wouldn’t go to kindergarten in diapers but I’m happy to have some progress!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Guest Post: Facing a Giant Adversity: Mesothelioma and My Village

I’ve not had a guest blogger before but her story really touched me! And just as I like people (who face challenges like we did with Nathan and his sagittal synostosis) to be able to find a place with answers so does she. I hope that someone finds what they’re looking for here.
Red heart – Allison
By Heather of

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Doesn’t it just seem like we were celebrating the end of the last school year? Well today three of us had our first days of school! I even got permission to go and see them off with Thad!

TheBoys_September2012_ 132Sammy started first grade! He has Mrs. Farley who we met a few weeks back at Yogurtland :) she came up and introduced herself when she recognized Sammy! He had a good first day at school!

I started my 11th year at CHS! Wow. Time flies! :)

TheBoys_September2012_ 131And Nathan had his first day of Puppy K (now called Transitional Kindergarten with the new CA law). He is with Mrs. MacInnis and he had a smile plastered on his face all day. He has been so excited about school. They have matching shirts because whatever Sammy likes so does Nathan. Two nights ago I heard this conversation:

Sammy: I am going to have a new favorite color, blue, since I used to like orange and then you liked it. And then I liked green and now you like it.
Nathan: Okay. I like blue and green now.

So, matching shark shirts it is! :) All in all it was a great day! Here is to a great school year!

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