Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welcome Benjamin Joseph! :)

BenjaminJosephDuring this past week I kept saying that it wasn’t a convenient time for him to arrive and finally on Sunday the stars aligned after Sammy’s talk at church and a few meetings and we went to the hospital. When my mom and sister Cathy arrived they broke my water and he arrived about 10-15 minutes later after a few pushes at 7:14 pm.

He wasn’t the biggest baby that we saw during our stay at the hospital (a 10 lbs. 14 oz. boy arrived this morning before we left) but he is our biggest so far having weighed in at 9 lbs. 9.4 oz. and 21.45” long. He reminds me a lot of his brothers at this age and is definitely ours!

The name was the hardest part. I was pretty sure that his name was supposed to be Benjamin after this experience but wasn’t sure what the middle name should be. we finally decided on Joseph after 3 great grandpas and an uncle!

The boys are sooo excited and their eyes light up when they see him! Welcome to our family Benjamin…we love you already!

BenjaminJoseph_11-20-2011_ 2011-11-20 049  
Daddy holding his newest boy!

BenjaminJoseph_11-20-2011_ 2011-11-20 066My mom and older sister Cathy were there for the delivery!

BenjaminJoseph_11-20-2011_ 2011-11-21 073 
Big brother Sammy!

BenjaminJoseph_11-20-2011_ 2011-11-21 110 
Nathan checking out his “cute, soft little ears”

BenjaminJoseph_11-20-2011_ 2011-11-21 161
Danny kissing the baby. He was pretty excited—I think that he thinks that the baby is his.

BenjaminJoseph_11-20-2011_ 2011-11-21 170
Our first family picture with everyone!

BenjaminJoseph_11-20-2011_ 2011-11-21 191  
Even some cousins came to visit!

BenjaminJoseph_11-20-2011_ 2011-11-22 030 
Getting ready to leave the hospital…

Copy of BenjaminJoseph_11-20-2011_ 2011-11-22 013 
So sweet…

For even more pictures…click below! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sammy: Character Award Respect

Sammy got a character award this week for Respect! Hooray for him! He is a super star at school even though at home we’re working through some listening and brother torturing issues ;) Thanks Mrs. Lim!

We’re so proud of our Sammy boy!


Monday, November 14, 2011

What’s in a due date?

SamsPics_Nov2012_ 010So I was officially due today. What does that mean anyway? I think that my kids at school thought that I would either a) be in the hospital, b) give birth in class or c) already have had the baby. I on the other hand am not too surprised with the fact that I am sitting here comfortably typing up a little blog post since Sammy was over a week late, Nathan arrived comfortably on his due date and Danny was five days late. (P.S. This picture was taken by Sammy boy but it is the most current one I have…I was busy inputting my quarter grades on the laptop while watching the boys play on the lawn!)

It has been interesting to hear the comments this pregnancy. Last pregnancy I had lots of negative comments from people about how many kids I was having (weird I thought since I was only on number 3) but this time I have had less negative comments about the number and actually less people apologize for me having my fourth boy and more people saying things like, “oh, my boys were so much easier” or “I know someone with all boys too!” It is also always very interesting to hear when walking across campus or down the hall at church one person say, “oh you look like you’re going to burst” and then 30 seconds later hear, “oh you look like you still have 1-2 months to go”. I think that it depends on what I’m wearing too…some outfits definitely make me look more pregnant! Either way I am grateful to be tall because it has got to be easier for me than for someone a foot shorter than me, I mean, really, where on earth do they stick the baby?? I feel bad just looking at some of them! I’m also very grateful for a strong, healthy body! Besides the normal heartburn, nausea, and exhaustion at times I think that I’ve got this pregnancy thing down!

With all that said he should be here sometime soon. My parents are in Cabo (remember last time they were in China) and are hoping that boy #4 is late like his brothers since they’ll be back on Saturday. Luckily I’m surrounded by lots of family and good friends!

Anyway…I really should get back to getting ready in case this baby decides to come before this Saturday. I have things “packed” but not really…maybe I’m getting too lazy…or too comfy…but I am getting excited to see this new little guy and welcome him into our family. What will he look like? What will his name be? What will the boys think? Will I know I’m in labor and make it to the hospital?

Stay tuned for more news later this week and enjoy the pictures!

Boy #1 – My skinny one Sammy who weighed in at 7 lbs 8 oz (since the others were 9 lbs 4 oz and 9 lbs 5 oz)


Boy #2 – Cute and cuddly Nate Nate


Boy # 3 – Little brother Danny-- I like this one because I can see how little Nate was back then.


And just for kicks…an old family picture!Family[20]

Friday, November 4, 2011

Nateism: Nutrients

Boys_October2011_ 008Here is what happened at Taco Bell today when Daddy didn’t order a cheese roll up for Nathan (his favorite).

Nate: Why didn’t you buy me a cheese roll up?

Daddy: Well you need to get something that has more nutrients in it since you’re growing bigger and you need more than just cheese.

Nate: Oh, so cheese roll ups just have oldtrients right? And tacos have newtrients?

Daddy: (Trying not to laugh) Yes Nate…you’re exactly right.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween is so much more fun with kiddos. Everyone was so excited about it all month and they could hardly contain themselves when it finally arrived. We went to two church parties and then got to trick or treat on Halloween! Here are some of our pictures! :)

We had a Spiderman…

Halloween2011_ 049

a Jack Sparrow…

ChurchHalloweenParty2011_ 023

a monkey named Curious George

Halloween2011_ 047

who would have been cute but not as cute without his friend the Man with the Yellow Hat…

ChurchHalloweenParty2011_ 006_edited

and Mommy and the soon to be baby dressed up too…He was Mike Wazowski!

Halloween2011_costumemaking_ 007

On Halloween we visited and trick or treated a little with Grandma Driggs’, ate chili at Great Grandma Marcroft’s house with her, Grandma and Grandpa Marcroft and the Badalamenti cousins and then trick or treated with Sarah and her boys. I was pooped and very sore by the end of the night but the boys were happy and had fun. Even Danny knew what was going on and was ready with his phrase “Treat! Thank you. Welcome!”

A Photo with the cousins…

Halloween2011_ 061

and one of just my boys after the church trunk-or-treat…

ChurchHalloweenParty2011_ 064

okay…and just one more because I like this picture. ;)

Halloween2011_ 051

Happy Halloween!

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