Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Chatterbox Nate!

A quick update on our other big boy! Nathan is a huge 15 month old and has finally gone from 6 teeth to almost 8 this past week (woo hoo! The first 6 he got during one month when he was 9 months old.) He is also starting to say more and more. I have been meaning to jot down his words for the sake of remembering them but he keeps saying more everyday!

Here are some...
Dad and Da-da
Pa-pa, and Hi Pa-pa (he said this right after Daddy and has been saying this since he was like 9 or 10 months)
Ma ma (this month he finally started associating this with me); he also says this for grandma and I think that he said it for grandma before MOMMY! Oh well. He's still quite a momma's boy.
These words are really clear: Ap-ple, Ap-ple Juice, Crac-ker, Coo-kie, thanks/thank-you (sometimes), car, up , op-en, this one, that, I-did-it!
Bah bah - brother/Sammy; it can also double for bottle although there is a slight difference in pronunciation that I don't know how to type :)
Choo - Choo and All 'bord - Train/All aboard (hmm, can you tell who he plays with? Sammy didn't say this for a long time!)
Duh - duck; said while jumping kind of like a duck waddles/walks?

He's growing up soooo quickly! Boy does time fly! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Primary Boy Sammy

Sammy started going to Sunbeams this month (and has been REALLY well behaved as far as the teachers say) and participates, answers questions and even said the closing prayer on Sunday! He's getting so big. I wanted to get a picture of him on Sunday but oh well, maybe another day.

One of my favorite things is that he's starting to sing lots of songs in the car. I usually don't turn the radio on so that we can sing or talk or whatever the kids would like to do. He started singing some from time to time when he was in nursery but they're getting more clear and it is just fun. I recorded him in the car the other day and I thought if you were his auntie or grandma you might like it! :)

Right after this one he gave me a rap/chanting rendition of I am a Child of God which turned into a medley with I lived in Heaven a long time was, to say the least, exciting? I don't know if any one is crazy enough to watch two of him singing but if you are... here you go! :)

He's getting so big so quickly!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages

We love to spoil ourselves for Christmas/Bday/Anniversary and get tickets to the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. We get the cheap seats and end up paying about $30 a ticket (not too bad considering that it's $11-$12 to go the the movie theater now!) The Pantages is a small theater and even though we were in the back row we could see just fine! Later on this year we're going to Grease (well I'm going--Thad refuses), Mamma Mia, Fiddler on the Roof and Legally Blonde (which had great reviews on Broadway). I think that we have a fun year in store for us!

Last night was our night for Phantom of the Opera. It opened on the 21st of January and you could see that they were just excited to be there! I don't how many times Thaddeus has seen this play, and I think that this was my 4th time (Ahmanson, Pantages, Broadway, and then the Pantages I think?!) but we sure loved seeing it again last night! It is such a fun show with fun songs and an intense love story. I definitely noticed and enjoyed new things last night and Thad said that it was one of the best performances that he's seen. The actors had great voices and that really made it great.

P.S. Before we snuck out for the night with our friends the Pasketts we went to eat at Lucille's. I'd never been there (it's a bit out of our price range) but they'd given us a gift certificate for Christmas so we went. It was delicious and definitely good eats! Thad and I split something (which was more than enough food) and still have $20 to eat there again! Woo hoo! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Orange Empire Railway Museum - OERM

January 10th we headed to Perris, CA and went to the Orange Empire Railway Museum. We've been wanting to go for a while now but something has always come up. This time we just went! It is a bit of a drive but it was a beautiful day and both of our train-loving boys loved it! We went with Thad's parents and a the Cox family from our ward. We got there about 11 and then stayed until about 3:30 pm when Sammy was ready to pass out and Nathan had already done so. Here are a few pictures of our fun day!

Mommy and her boys...Grandma got them each a hat!:)
Sammy with Daddy

Grandpa taking Sammy on his first train.

A picture of Thad's favorite OERM train - PE 418.

Grandpa and Grandma Marcroft went with us.

Our friends, the Cox Family

The boys playing on the wooden trains after lunch

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cameron's Baptism

Today we headed South to Vista, CA to go to Cameron's baptism. We got there early but had the wrong address but luckily someone saw us pulled over and honked and we followed them to the right address. I had to give a talk on baptism (and I thought that I wasn't going to make it since I started crying during the opening prayer and I was the first speaker) but I think I was even coherent and didn't start crying till trying to bear a small testimony. Cathy gave an awesome talk on the Holy Ghost and it was totally in Cam's baseball terms. It was a nice baptism! It's crazy that he's already 8! He's so grown up!!! Congrats Cam! We love you!

Natalie, Jared, and Sammy before the baptism

New Year's Day 2009 - Hike to Mt. Lowe

Thaddeus' dad has always been interested in Mt Lowe (I believe since he was a teenager) and in Thaddeus S. C. Lowe (hence Thad's name!) Thaddeus Lowe was an American Civil War aeronaut, scientist and inventor. He moved to Pasadena and began Mt Lowe Railway into the hills of Altadena and even built a hotel at the top. It's not there anymore (fire and time have destroyed it) but they have preserved a lot of it. Thad's dad is actually a volunteer that helps with the preservation efforts.

It's a tradition that we go up on New Year's day on a little hike and to enjoy breakfast with all of the rangers, families, and friends. It is a fun little hike (under a mile since we drive halfway up with his Dad) and it's a beautiful view. The weather was great this year, the food was yummy, and the boys had a blast! They both love dirt and the mountains so it was a good mix of food, family, and fun!

I love this picture of Nate and I although I think that it definitely shows my age and wrinkles that I didn't even realize were so noticeable. I guess I really am 30 ;) !

A Marcroft Family Pic... too bad the lighting is icky! :)

Sammy loved the signs with the pictures of the trains that used to go up the mountain!
I love this boy-- boogers and all!

Sammy wanted to carry the backpack too-luckily Nate wasn't in it!
Nate and Sammy really loved all of the dirt and trees. Sammy actually ripped his pants on this tree right about here!

Sarah and Bill and one of their boys...

Here are my boys looking at some of the old train pieces...

Okay...this is the last pic! There are too many good ones. If you want to see all of the go to Smugmug... I thought that this one of Sammy on some of the old railroad ties was too cute to not post!

Float Decorating for the Rose Parade

Early, early in the morning on December 27, the CHS Leo's Club and I headed down to Pasadena to work on the Lion's Club float. We left about 7 am after everyone showed up. It was freeeeeezing and we had to wait outside in the cold till they let us in about 1/2 hour later at about 8 am. We got inside and it was a little warmer but not warm because it would mess up the floats. We spent the first 3 hours cutting dried flowers from the stems, blending them (in a blender to make them into a powder) and then we got to paste them onto the float (which is a lot harder than it looks). It was fun, well, once we got past the flower cutting stage. :) We stayed until about 4 pm. My favorite part was the lettering that I got to do even though we had to leave before I could finish. Oh well.

Here is what the float was supposed to look like done...

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2008

Christmas Eve we went to Thad's Grandma's house and did the traditional taco soup, fudge, Christmas Story and Christmas Carols with the extended Marcroft Family. I always enjoy this and it reminds us of the real reason for Christmas. I especially love the songs that we get to sing! Christmas songs are so fun. Sammy requested Jingle Bells and juts loved it!!

Thad and I had already wrapped all of the presents during naptime earlier in the day so we went to bed early after picking up a little in the front room. Santa Claus came during the night and left a few nice gifts for the boys.

When they woke up they were really excited. Sammy finally understood who Santa was and about presents and stuff. Nathan was in the "I could care less for these wrapped boxes" mode but was much more excited when he saw what was inside. They got trains, lightsabers, and a horn/bell for their bikes. Nathan got a little bike (since I broke Sammy's old little guy bike and Nate's always trying to ride everyone elses bikes). We got Sammy a new Batman helmet and passed his teddy bear helmet down to Nate. They were both super excited to get on their bikes. We played a little and then went to Grandma's and Grandpa Marcroft's House for Christmas breakfast. We had French Toast with all the fixings and opened gifts.

Then it was time for naps and we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Driggs' house to put the boys down and help with Christmas dinner. After naps and cooking we ate and then opened presents once again! What a long day. It was fun to be with family but I was sure ready to get to bed by the end of it all! Merry (late) Christmas to all!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Trying to catch up...

I look like I haven't been posting...but in reality I have been...just not here. I gave my Spanish II students a blog assignment for the holidays and they asked me to participate too. So, I have been writing my posts in Spanish here on another blog. I need to catch up here on my real blog! I will do that hopefully today and tomorrow! If you feel up to it you can go to and read my posts or find links to a bunch of my kids' blogs on the right :)
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