Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nathan - Checkup with Dr. Wexler

I can't believe that it's been 15 months since Nathan's surgery to correct his sagittal synstosis (a form of craniosynostosis where the fontanel, aka soft spot, has hardened or closed). We went to Kaiser West LA today to have his check up and the doctors were happy to see a nice big boy and oh, his nicely shaped head. He, as most kids, was acting super shy and wouldn't talk to them or show them any of the things that he knows how to do--he hid behind me as much as he could!

I have been wondering about this next little boy...what if his little soft spot closes too? I know that after the experience with Nathan I wouldn't think twice about having the surgery again! Nathan did so well and just look at him now! :) If you missed any of the surgery story here are the links...
I did take a picture of him with Dr. Wexler, the plastic surgeon who reformed his head, but Dr. Cahan, the neurosurgeon, wasn't at the appointment so he's not in the picture. Of course Nathan wouldn't look at me but oh well! :)

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La La said...

Was he wearing a dinosaur shirt!? I think we met and didn't even know it!! I was the one with the twins, one of my girls (Evy, the one who deosn't have cranio) was screaming the whole time? Trying to flirt with your son I believe... =)

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