Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Week of Vacation!

I've officially been on summer vacation for a week and it's been, fun? hard work? different? My first big job (besides becoming the primary caregiver again) has been to locate my home under the clutter, papers, dirty clothes, toys, etc that have been accumulating over the last nine months of my life (aka the school year). I think that I worked everyday during Nate's nap time and most of the afternoon and then after the kids went to bed until 11 or so!) I've had some help from some good friends (and my mom and mother-in-law) who've come over to help sort/clean (thank goodness) and we've found a good portion of it but man I am pooped!

My new job is taking care of Nate and Sam full time (which sometimes can be more challenging than 35 high school kids--I still don't understand that but really it is sometimes harder!) Thaddeus is out and about doing thousands of things and has a few constructions jobs lined up with his partner in crime, Frank, and plans to be gone and working on redoing 3-4 bathrooms and a kitchen Monday-Thursday, and then Friday is the day to work on MY house and Saturday is supposed to be my day too (and I get to decide what we do). This week they worked from 8 am (or earlier) every day until about 10 pm (or later) and that is going to take some getting used to! I'm trying to figure out some good things for the boys and I (being 7 months pregnant) can do after Nate's morning nap (and as long as Sammy doesn't need/take one) that are fun, free, and that I can do without Thad. I really am not looking forward to being alone all the time. I think it's hard for me to think about being alone all summer (even though it's for the good of my pocketbook and will help us eliminate some of our house debt) because I grew up with two teachers as parents and the summers they were both home and it was family time! Oh well. I know that he's happy working and helping the family! And, he and Frank have done some nice bathrooms (I'll have to post pics later)!

One big job he'll be working on at our house is the backyard! I am so excited because I have always wanted a safe place for the boys to play that wasn't the front yard! And if that goes well hopefully we'll finish the back room after that (and before the baby comes!) That might be wishful thinking!

Oh yeah, back to the mom thing, the pictures are of the boys painting - one of our summer fun things - but we haven't done anything else "out of the ordinary" but they have enjoyed finding missing trains and toys as we've cleaned under beds and things. I hope that I can find a few more things to do around the boys funky nap schedule that are fun! Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Gum" by Sammy

Sammy is quite infatuated with gum now and has gotten his hands on some at Grandma's house before and quickly chewed and then swallowed it. He knows that he's "too little" for it now but that when he's bigger (like 8 or 10 he'd say) then he'll get to chew it. It sparks lots of discussion though about others chewing gum (like the mission-nawries or teenagers who he thinks, funny enough, are still "little" kids) but he often brings it up with me.

The other day we were chatting and he asked me if I liked gum. I responded, "no, it's gross!" Too many years of teaching high school and watching kids, and adults, chomp like cows has made it more than something that I dislike--it's now something that is close to abhorrence. Sammy thought for a second and then said, "well, Heavenly Father likes gum, and He thinks that it's delicious!"

Boy do I love that kid!
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