Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Benny Boy at 5 months

TheBoys_April2012_ 128Five months. I can’t believe that it has been five months since he was born and joined our family and at the same time it is hard to remember a time without him. He’s finally catching up to his brothers (well, their sizes as babies) and a month ago at his four month appointment he was already 17.5 pounds (95 percentile) and 27 inches long (100 percentile). Our boys are thick, heavy and long!

Here are some silly pictures that I got of the boys before bed tonight. They sure do love their Benjamin!

TheBoys_April2012_ 120

TheBoys_April2012_ 117

He is a happy little guy!TheBoys_April2012_ 110

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Break 2012

We were sooooo ready for Spring Break this year and I think that we had a great time! I didn’t get the school work done that I should have OR the house work done that I should have but I did have fun playing Mommy!

1) We went to the park with our cousins and friends from the neighborhood. Ben rode on the swing for the first time pushed by big brother Danny! He was so excited!

TheBoys_April2012_ 065

2) We went to Pretend City with a friend from my school. The boys love, love, loved it! They’ve asked to go back about 10 times since then. It is a great big place in a warehouse with every thing you need to pretend to be a firefighter or a sushi maker or farmer! It is way cute and lots of fun!

Pretend City - April2012_ 037

3) We bought mini Angry Bird kites but it wasn’t very windy but the boys loved it anyway!

TheBoys_March2012_ 029

4) We celebrated Easter with our families! We had two kids who were sick so we didn’t get a nice family picture taken but it was a nice day and everyone got better as the day went on!

Easter_April2012_ 028

5) We walked from our house with our cousins to get Chinese food and then ice cream cones at McDonalds. Even met up with more friends in the parking lot…it was a little crazy when we added up the number of kids but it was fun, and definitely an experience! Sammy lost a tooth there that day as well!
6) We finally saved up enough to get passes to Disneyland :D and spent the day with the boys there! Sammy loved it of course but the best part was seeing Nathan (who doesn’t remember going when he was two) and Danny—as they walked around they had the biggest smiles and were soooo excited to be there! I think I was so excited I started crying three times just watching them before I even made it down Main Street. Cheesy I know.
TheBoys_April2012_Disneyland 022

7) We ate Pizza and Hot Dogs and had yummy samples at Costco. Okay this one is a normal thing we like to do but it was still fun!

8) We went to Chuck E Cheese’s with our friends from church and played lots! Thank goodness for free tokens (I had coupons for a birthday and a half birthday that were still good!) :D

TheBoys_April2012_ 086

9) We used a gallon of bubbles (okay some did spill) and a whole box of sidewalk chalk! We had angry birds (Sammy) and balloons (Danny) all over the place! Oh and boxes of TNT and “traps” by Sammy too.

10) We had a lot of time to just be together. It was a great spring break!

See more pictures below:

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