Sunday, October 16, 2011

A mother of (almost) four boys…

9 So many people have asked me this pregnancy if I wanted a girl. Maybe? No? What do you say? I just explain that I’m happy having my fourth boy :) but I just want a baby. A healthy one hopefully but I’ll love him no matter what. But boys. That is all I know, and yesterday I had an experience at Jacob’s baptism that was very, well, important to me. I have always felt a great responsibility since beginning to have boys to begin preparing them to be good men, great priesthood holders and good husbands but that urge and responsibility is becoming even more clear.

While Vili and his boys were singing this song I was brought to tears and just thinking about all of these wonderful men from the scriptures and it reminded me of what I want my boys to be. They are each named after someone in the scriptures and have a family name as a middle name to remind them of someone great and what they can become. Their potential as sons of God is so great.

As they were singing though I kept thinking about my boys. Boys. Boys. Boys. I had a strong feeling that I probably won’t have a girl because he needs me to raise boys. I might be wrong, but, I know either way that he has a special job for these boys. The world around us is deteriorating and we need to raise our sons so that they can be like Nephi, like Samuel, like the Army of Helaman (and so many more people!)

Thanks for singing that song Vili, it touched many people yesterday, but especially brought a new light and understanding to my role as a mother.

How Can I Be, written by Nela Otuafi

Performed by Adam Ashby, Ben Mataele and Uaisele Fa

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Birthday Boys Nathan (4) and Sammy (6)

Sammy turned six today and I know that Nathan officially turned four ten days ago but you know what I didn’t get it posted…so I figured we’d do them both today!

IMG_5549Nathan is so excited to be four. He has run around telling everyone that he is now four and loving life. On his birthday we were really busy but we ate at L&L together before Daddy ran to CSULB for class and then used a BOGO free coupon at Dairy Queen and got two blizzards to share. YUM! Things that he enjoys at this stage of his life:

  • Chocolate anything
  • Shredded Mini Wheats
  • His Webkinz Koala
  • Pretending to be a koala, lion or kitty cat
  • Geotrax
  • Playing with Danny while Sam’s at school
  • Train chasing (with Daddy)
  • Grapes
  • Jello
  • Helping Mommy in the kitchen
  • Primary
  • Praise to the Man
  • Playing outside in the dirt, riding his bike, or anything else outside.

IMGP9526 Sammy, or Sam or Samuel as he sometimes writes on his papers, is excited to be six but doesn’t like time outs being so long. ;) He is loving kindergarten with Mrs. Lim and is happy to be able to say hi to Mrs. MacInnis daily too. For his birthday today we took him to get orange chicken (one of his favorite things) and then used a BOGO free coupon for ice cream at Cold Stone. YUM! He wore his birthday hat/crown from school most of the day and was so excited that it was finally his birthday after celebrating Danny’s in August and Nate’s on the 5th. Things that Sammy enjoys at this point in life:

  • Chocolate anything
  • “Strawberry cereal” (Special K with strawberries)
  • Mac and Cheese or French Toast Sticks from the school cafeteria
  • Long sleeve shirts (whether it is 40 degrees or 100 degrees)
  • Combing his hair so that he looks “handsome”
  • Dancing and singing to two or three lines of Justin Bieber that he learned from the girls down the street (sigh)
  • Combo pizza or hot dogs with onions, mustard, ketchup and relish on them from Costco
  • Building rockets, planes and space ships out of Legos
  • Playing computer games (,,

Happy Birthday big boys. We love you!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Sammy: Kindergarten Picture

Sammy got his pictures today from school. He was more excited about his first homework packet that he got returned today because it had an A+ on it (I’m not sure how he knew that that was a good grade but he did!) but I was excited to see his pictures..

I think that the picture is cute…and I like that you can see how his hair color since he loves his hair and is proud of it. I also love all of his freckles on his sun-kissed nose and his million dollar smile.  Just thought I’d share…


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