Monday, May 30, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was late this year…but not this late I know. Here are a few pictures from our festivities at the Driggs.

Here is a picture of us after church. :)
Gotta teach ‘em the real reason behind Easter!


And here are some of the kids and their Easter egg hunt and cookie decorating activities.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Camping at Monte Cristo

IMGP2083 Better late than never, right???

At the end of spring break we headed to Monte Cristo campgrounds for an overnighter. We had originally planned two nights but something happened and our plans quickly changed and we went up Friday morning, played all day stayed the night and then left Saturday afternoon at nap time.

Thad used to come up to this campground as a boy with his family and has lots of good memories. It is a fun little campground with a stream that runs right through it. It is pretty (supposedly much prettier according to Thad but it is still trying to recover from the fires that burned most of the mountains two summers ago) and perfect for the boys. We packed their bikes and wagon and they had a blast riding down the little hill and splashing through the stream (where it was less than ankle deep). They must have played there for three or four hours!

IMGP2007 IMGP1817 IMGP1977

Friday night Aunt Adrian and soon-to-be Uncle Eric came up and had dinner, smores and hot chocolate with us before heading to bed. We tried our new family three person 0 degree sleeping bag, stuck Danny in a pack-in-play (we have a large tent) and slept as well as you can when you’re on the hard ground. The weather was perfect and when we woke up the Easter Bunny had arrived (as well as Grandma and Grandpa Marcroft). The boys were excited and found eggs around the campsite. We also dyed eggs with Addie and Eric.

The boys played some more while we cleaned up and would have been happy to stay there another day. We’ll definitely be going back!

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