Thursday, December 27, 2007

Keep praying--miracles do happen! :)

We went to our appointment to see about Nathan's head yesterday and it went really well. We are grateful for the great insurance that we have and that it only cost us $5 to see a geneticist and a plastic surgeon who specialize in infant craniosynostosis. :) When we arrived they were both really friendly and so great with Nathan. They felt his head and told us that it looks like his head is normalizing and that they don't think that he has craniosynostosis--hooray--but they are going to watch it (but hopefully no surgery!). They said that if he did have it, his head would have a raised seam that you could feel with your finger. We have an appointment with them again the third of March to make sure that it continues to get better and not worse. They also told us to call if we noticed any changes. :) We're soooo happy and hope that he continues on this healthy road! Thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes--keep praying--miracles do happen!

p.s. New pics on Smugmug --> Boys Dec 2007 / Christmas Pics

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