Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sammy's First Visit to the Dentist!

I finally found a place that would see Sammy! I called and emailed so many places and they all told me that he was too young for them--he's three!!! I called my sister Cathy to see where she took her kids and to see if they take my insurance. I took him to see Dr. Don Wood, he's also a member of her ward, and I was really impressed. They were all super nice there and they were really good with him!

I really didn't know how much Sammy would let them do but I really tried to prep him before hand so that he wouldn't be nervous. First Dr. Wood came and introduced himself and Sammy (without being asked) opened up his mouth wide and Dr. Wood counted his teeth. Then the assistant took x-rays of his teeth, cleaned his teeth and even put fluoride on his teeth. Sammy got a little nervous with the suction thing but he got over it quickly. I was really proud of him! He did so well and was super excited when he got a new Lightening McQueen toothbrush and suction cup toothbrush holder and then on top of that he got to pick a toy for being so good--he got a forklift. :)


Dan and Cat said...

Way to go, Sammy! Do you think you could talk to your cousin Liz for me???

Kathryn said...

Great job Sammy! I need to get my girls in to our dentist again. Laura will be going for the first time, though she could have been seen at 18 months I believe. I go to an actual pediatric dentist after a bad experience with Katelyn at a "children's" dentist. I can tell you where NOT to take your boys from that visit. :/

Julius Ainsworth said...

Hooray for Sammy! I’m glad he got through his first dentist visit without any problems. You did really well in prepping him before the visit. Letting him know beforehand that there’s nothing to be scared of really helped him to have a positive experience. I hope he didn’t have any problems with any of the dentist machines and instruments!

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