Sunday, February 6, 2011

Danny–17 months

I’ve been so busy I haven’t even read other people’s blogs and I just realized that I haven’t blogged since before Christmas! Ahh! So, here is one of my catch up posts…

Danny_sittingDanny is definitely one of “the boys” now. He likes to run right behind them, ride on all of the toys with them and chatters up a storm (he’ll fit right in there too!)

Some of the words that we can understand are: mama, dada, ball (said about 100 times a day anytime he sees a ball anywhere), candy, Sah-y (Sammy), Nay-Nay (Nate), shoes, hat, hot, and his newest word, pee-pee.

Danny_toyHe is a silly little guy who is a joy to all who see his giant smile. He is starting to display certain likes, dislikes and independence. He is also at the scary, “I’ll run into the street at any moment just to see what you’ll say” stage. Sigh.

He’s up to 10 teeth (woo hoo!) and loves to eat spaghetti, zucchini, oatmeal (and yes, last night he mixed them all together…fun!), tomatoes, apples, pears, and pretty much anything else that I feed him.

Danny_SwingHe adores his brothers and will jump on them to start a wrestling match! We are very lucky to have three, great boys! I just can’t believe how big he is getting…time flies doesn’t it?

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