Saturday, August 20, 2011

A few pictures from Oceanside…

Oceanside_Aug2011_ 2011-08-12 008 Grandma and Grandpa Driggs made their annual summer trip to Oceanside and invited each of us kids down with our kids for two days and we got to play and stay in a room that was, um, bigger than our house I think! There were three rooms, two giant bathrooms with jacuzzi tubs, one “smaller” bathroom with a tub/shower that was bigger than our biggest bathroom, a kitchen, living room, two balconies and dining area. The boys were sad since we didn’t take the train from Norwalk to Oceanside (that has been our thing) but we did get to ride a train one of the days anyway. Daddy was on a scout trip so it was extra nice to have some company and get away from home for a few days!

They mostly played in the pool, in the activity center and legos and games back in the room but one day we ventured out to take the Sprinter from Escondido back to Oceanside. We stopped at Costco for hot dogs and then Grandpa drove us to the Escondido Transit Center so that we could ride the train all the way back to Oceanside. It was a deal, $3 ($2 for me and $1 for Grandma and the boys were all free). It was a lot slower than the Metrolink but was fun as we zig zagged back and forth over the 78 Fwy.

Here we are waiting for the train!Oceanside_Aug2011_ 2011-08-11 005

Danny was definitely excited! Oceanside_Aug2011_ 2011-08-11 007 

Nathan was so excited to hold my ticket.Oceanside_Aug2011_ 2011-08-11 016

Sam wished that the train went faster but he enjoyed it!Oceanside_Aug2011_ 2011-08-11 015

Danny boy sat with Grandma and hugged her lots as always.Oceanside_Aug2011_ 2011-08-11 024 

I got a few pictures on the train and a few on the pier when we went to Ruby’s for breakfast but Thad had our camera in the Sierras with the boy scouts so there really are just a few from Grandma’s camera…enjoy!

Here is one of them by a giant pelican. Nate was excited but Sammy was almost in tears for fear that the pelican would attack him!

Oceanside_Aug2011_ 2011-08-12 004Here are a few more pictures in this little album…or the rest (that show the Fongs and Repetti’s head to Smugmug

p.s. We took family pictures this morning with Kellie Larsen. I’m so excited to see them…she was so nice and is so reasonable. We went to Chino State Park which is a bit of a drive but I think that the pictures will be nice! :) Here are a few that I took – I couldn’t take too many since the boys started looking at me so I put the camera away!

SummerFun_Aug2011_ 080

SummerFun_Aug2011_ 045

SummerFun_Aug2011_ 049  


Jen Kesler said...

Your boys are getting so big!! :)

Allison McCumber said...

Wow, you go there every year?! Do you have a specific month for doing that? You should put those photos in a scrapbook and compile them according to year. What's your plan for this year, btw?

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