Sunday, October 16, 2011

A mother of (almost) four boys…

9 So many people have asked me this pregnancy if I wanted a girl. Maybe? No? What do you say? I just explain that I’m happy having my fourth boy :) but I just want a baby. A healthy one hopefully but I’ll love him no matter what. But boys. That is all I know, and yesterday I had an experience at Jacob’s baptism that was very, well, important to me. I have always felt a great responsibility since beginning to have boys to begin preparing them to be good men, great priesthood holders and good husbands but that urge and responsibility is becoming even more clear.

While Vili and his boys were singing this song I was brought to tears and just thinking about all of these wonderful men from the scriptures and it reminded me of what I want my boys to be. They are each named after someone in the scriptures and have a family name as a middle name to remind them of someone great and what they can become. Their potential as sons of God is so great.

As they were singing though I kept thinking about my boys. Boys. Boys. Boys. I had a strong feeling that I probably won’t have a girl because he needs me to raise boys. I might be wrong, but, I know either way that he has a special job for these boys. The world around us is deteriorating and we need to raise our sons so that they can be like Nephi, like Samuel, like the Army of Helaman (and so many more people!)

Thanks for singing that song Vili, it touched many people yesterday, but especially brought a new light and understanding to my role as a mother.

How Can I Be, written by Nela Otuafi

Performed by Adam Ashby, Ben Mataele and Uaisele Fa


Jen Kesler said...

Love the post and I am right there with ya! I feel the same way about raising boys...lots and lots of boys!! You are a wonderful mommy and I know that you and Thad are a great team. Can't wait to see baby boy Marcroft #4!

Trimbles said...

Thanks for sharing this tender moment Allie! All I can say is that you will not fail. Especially with that confirmation. He trusts you enough to send you these wonderful boys because he knows you will follow through. I really liked the song too. Thanks for this today. Its what I needed.

Jane said...

Allison, I found your blog while searching for more information about Sagittal Craniosynostis. (There is a baby boy in Haiti who desperately needs this surgery and an adoptive family.) I know of a Christian family who is interested and I am going to pass on your blog to the mom.
Praise God! He is working through you and your family in West Michigan!!!
To God alone be the Glory,
Jane Tuls
Fremont, MI

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