Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas: Robot Pillowcases with pockets

So recently I gave in and tried Pinterest…it’s pretty cool I admit! And then I had this robot fabric that I bought last year at JoAnn’s and didn’t use last Christmas for PJ bottoms (ran out of time). There isn’t enough of it now for my giant monsters so I was trying to figure out what to do with it. I thought that pillowcases might be fun since they get used a lot more than PJs (since their favorite PJs are usually the footed PJs—year round!)

So I Googled pillowcase patterns and found this tutorial for a cute pillow, loved it and guess what… I made them! Hooray for me. And, I even finished them this past week (way before Christmas). I think that the boys are going to love them!

Here are their pillows. No telling them…shhhh! It’s a secret! I had to share with someone…someone will read this, right? Maybe Grace, or Cathy or Jen? :) Then you can cheer with me!

They each have a pocket on the front and then a letter with their name! The pocket could be for PJs..or a special toy…or whatever!

Boys_December2011_ 047

And I couldn’t forget to make one for our newest little guy…right?

Boys_December2011_ 044

And just in case you haven’t seen ol’ blue eyes lately…here you go! Can you believe he’s already four weeks old? :)

Boys_December2011_ 057

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Melinda said...

love the pillow cases!!! i can't sew or at least i think i can't - i haven't ever tried lol but good job! :) and i can't believe your baby is already 4 weeks old!

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