Friday, January 18, 2013

Reunited: A long, lost cousin :)

Life passes quickly and growing up we always lived “far away” from our cousins all of which lived in another state. We usually got to see them once or twice a year but it was not anything like what my boys have with cousins close by. We still enjoyed our time with them but as we all grew up and went to college and got married we weren’t able to stay in touch as easily until…FACEBOOK! :) My cousin Crista reached out to my Dad on Facebook and the rest of us found her too! It was fun to see her family and get to know her kids via Facebook but we got to reconnect when she visited this past week!

We had lots of fun hanging out and spent all day Saturday playing at Grandma’s house with her. They went to church with us on Sunday and then my siblings came over to eat Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and the kids played, and played, and played. All of the cousins had a great time!

We got to extend our fun with them since we still have our Disneyland passes for a few more months! We met them on Tuesday with the Repetti’s and had a blast! And we were crazy and went again on Thursday! We got to go on some of our favorite rides and also see/do a lot of things that were new for us! What a busy and fun week! The boys really enjoyed playing with their kiddos Hannah (8), Emily(6), Nathan (4) and Natalie (9 months). We’ll definitely keep this friendship going!

Thanks Crista and James for taking a chance with the Driggs Family! We loved having you and loved playing with you! :)

Here are a few (ha) pictures (I had fun taking them!) :)

Nathanael James (5) and Nathan James (4)IMG_0643

Natalie (10) and Natalie (9 months)


My nieces/cousins with their spoils (sharing Auntie Allie’s old costume jewelry)  :)


Nathan and Danny reminded me so much of each other! I kept getting them mixed up from behind! They liked the same toys and were the same height.


Two fun sisters Hannah and Emily!


Meeting Donald at California Adventure


More cousins! :)


Thanks to Natalie’s early growth spurt these two look like twins even though they’re 22 months apart! Cameron (12) and Natalie (10)


Cameron, James and baby Natalie


Ashley (6) and Carrie


Toy Story Mania; part of our party of 13? :)


Anyone want to ride a tractor with these beauties?


We even got to see World of Color; it was beautiful although a bit long!


Danny was rarely found not holding onto Hannah’s hand!


The 5-7 range kids!


Cousins! :) Yes, even moms have cousins!


Nathan and his Daddy James


We even got on Soarin’ over California just before closing time! :)


At the end of the day (fourth for them, second for us!) The kids were exhausted! I did giggle as I thought about the age spread in this picture we had one of each 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. :) No wonder they had so much fun!


I’ll have to upload more to smugmug (link coming soon!) :)


Melinda said...

thats one great thing about Facebook - reconnecting with family members! :) looks like you guys had a blast!

Together We Can said...

Just realized that I hadn't commented here. Thanks again for being so kind to my family. I don't think the word Driggs will be taboo anymore. Even 4 months laster, my kids are still talking about Disneyland and our Disneyland cousins. :)

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