Sunday, August 25, 2013

Danny–Age 4

TheBoys_August2013_ 426Can you believe that he’s four? It seems like just yesterday we were bringing boy #3 home… and he’s the first of our odd yeared kids to turn to an even number. I can officially not say, “my kids are 1, 3, 5, 7!” instead it will have to be 1, 4, 5, 7… or almost 2, 4, almost 6 and almost 8? LOL. Either way I get lots of interesting comments! :D

Here is an update on my big boy Danny (or Danny boy as he tells me most of the time):

Favorite color: Blue
Favorite show: Justin TIme and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
Favorite toy: Trains (Geotrax and then probably Take-Along Thomas); he just told me, “and cars Mom, I like race cars too! They’re really fast and not slow! Oh, and Legos too!”

He gets along really well with Benjamin and plays nicely with him (even though Ben is starting to be a bit meaner than I’d like him to be! Maybe that is what happens when you have three big brothers?!)

He is a screamer (that is in case I ever forget-ha-since this is technically my journal) who forgets to use his words when he’s angry but is also so sweet and says things like, “I love you forever Mommy”, and “My sister told me that she’s thirsty so I brought you some water.”

He still loves balloons and loves to draw them (or have me draw them) on anything that belongs to him.

He is a funny eater…as in…he eats when he wants to (different from my other kids who act like they are starving 24-7) and sometimes will just eat enough to survive and sometimes eat as much as Sammy (i.e. plow through a whole Costco hot dog)

He loves to ride his bike and always tells people that come to our house, “want to see my new rocket bike? It’s really fast” even though he’s had it at least a year now!

He is still working on potty training but has made some big strides this week (big as in, he told me on Friday I’m going to be four on Sunday so I will wear undies today and went poop on the potty for the first time ever!) There might be hope for this kid!

There are so many more things to write but I can’t remember them all! I’ll have to add on later if I can! :) Either way we love our Danny boy and are happy that he’s part of our crazy family!

TheBoys_August2013_ 017

  Happy Birthday Danny! We love you!

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