Friday, November 22, 2013

Benjamin: 2 years old!

TheKids_November2013_ 021Happy (late) birthday to my Benny boy who turned two this week. He is my big baby boy and Emma is my little baby girl. They both are still babies which makes it so fun and so hard. But he is getting bigger! He is beginning to really be able to communicate and thinks that he’s big like his brothers! I always like to look back at the birth story and remember when they were little too…Danny was his age and he was a baby in this picture; so sweet. Benjamin is definitely into the terrible tricky-for-mommy, twos. He loves to climb, hit, bite, run into the street, throw toys, draw on walls, scream, hmm…did I miss anything? Oh yeah, that he can also give the sweetest kisses and the biggest hugs. He loves to give high fives and “knucks” and is a pretty happy guy as long as he is not hungry, thirsty or tired!

Some of the things that he likes:
-Bugs (he often will lay on the ground with his face staring at the ants or whatever he can find).
-Playing outside
-Laying on the floor or in the dirt/on the grass outside and driving cars
-Drawing (on anything and everything—and I mean everything; he even got the back of the car when one of the boys left a crayon outside!)
-Grandma and Grandpa
-Eating! He eats as much as the big kids but he’s not too into cake/ice cream although he LOVES candy and is still finding random stuff that the boys lost/hid around Halloween!
-Dogs; he sometimes is a little scared if they’re bigger than him but he still wants to approach them cautiously.
-Baby Emma – he goes searching for her so I have to keep an extra eye on both of them. He does love to smother her with kisses and sometimes hugs.

His words (well, the ones that I can remember!)
-Tirsty (thirsty and now he uses it for hungry as well); he is the thirstiest kid ever! I hear this one all day long mostly for water!
-Kay = car
-Let’s go
-May me! = Help me!
-Papa = grandma/grandpa
-Tain tou=thank you
-Choo choo!
-ball, baseball
-One, two and sometimes tree (three)!
-Nana = banana
-Apple (for apples and any fruit besides banana)
-Where are you?
-Cha, cha, cha (especially at the end of the birthday song!)

Happy 2nd Birthday Benjamin! We love you! :)

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