Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sammy - His Baptism Day: It’s Great to be Eight!

IMGP4830 - CopyWe had a fun time with lots of family in town for our two big events last weekend, Emma’s blessing, and Samuel’s baptism. It was a fun weekend (although at times, very, well, busy!)

We belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (which still amazes some people; I get the “you’re Mormon?” question a lot!) and we don’t baptize until age 8 (or anytime after) as we believe that children aren’t accountable for their sins until that time. (That is why our sweet Emma received a blessing at church but wasn’t baptized—she is still perfect!)

Well, it was Sammy’s big day, (I mean, Samuel, he prefers Samuel now although Mommy still calls him Sammy boy) and he was very excited. He spent the morning hiking and even saw snow and the day just continued to get better. Daddy gave him a hair cut and he got all showered and clean and in his suit. They went to the church early and when we arrived he was dressed in white.

It was a Stake baptism and two of his friends, Laura and MeleAna,  were also being baptized. Some of his cousins and church friends sang, talks were given and the baptisms went off without a hitch. We celebrated at my sister’s house (thanks Carrie and Mike) and had a great evening! Now I have to help him continue to grow in faith and remember not  to get overwhelmed by his imperfections (he’s really hard on himself). That is what the sacrament’s for each week though…repenting and beginning again clean each week. (Phew!)

Thank you to the village (aka. ward family) who has loved and taught him in class or by example and helped us raise him to be the wonderful boy that he is. Enjoy a few of the pictures from our special day.




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