Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Angel Food Cake ISN'T supposed to look like

So, for my mother-in-law's bday we were in charge of the angel food cake to go with the strawberries and cream. I had never made one so I went out and bought a pan (I thought that it would be more tasty than a store bought one) and ingredients to make it. I got home from school and realized I had gotten bread flour instead of cake flour and so decided I make the Betty Crocker cake mix I'd gotten instead of making it from scratch. It was all going well until I got to the "taking it out of the pan" part. The box said to flip it over immediately and get it out. Well, I did. And, this is what happened. I guess it stuck to the sides of the "nonstick" pan and then it collapsed. Nice eh? At least it tastes good.You can find tips on making Angel Food Cake here so that yours doesn't end up looking like mine. Too bad I didn't look those up before. And here are some fun recipes and a bunch of variations on trifle if you have to make something yummy for a party that almost everyone will like (see photo to the right).

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