Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hangin' in there...

Today I realized that I haven't blogged since before school started and I better sit down and do it! So, here it is. School started last week and tomorrow I'll have been with my new kids for 5 school days. They seem like a nice bunch of kids :) although I'm already too nice to my Spanish II Honors kids already I think that it will be a good year. Compared to last year (when my classes were teeming at the edges they were so full) I have small classes. All three of my Spanish IIH classes are under 30! And my Spanish ICP are at 35. That means a lot in terms of times spent grading! I think that I have 30 less students overall than last year! Woo hoo!

At home things are okay. The boys tire me out by the end of the day and I am sometimes not super enthused to be the neighborhood mom to get water for all of the boys (we only have one girl on our whole block) while trying to make sure that Nathan doesn't eat the chalk they're drawing with or climb up on Sammy's bike (he's determined that he is big enough to sit/ride on it but he's barely able to stand up to it) Phew. Sammy's still testing the nap/nighttime waters and being a punk although it is getting a little easier. Most nights are just till 9 or so instead of 10 now. He's acting better during the day and not hitting and being totally disobedient.

Thad is almost finished with the AC just in time for it to be fall! LOL. No, it will be so nice to have a heater this year! Last year we used a space heater in the boys' room and then just bundled up in our room until I had Nate then we bought another space heater to keep him warm in our room! Now if we could only afford to run it ;)

All in all things are okay. I am doing my normal "I stress out too much" with the kids and I am still trying to figure out this mom thing. It will be nice when we're finally done, done
with the house and I don't have to clean up construction mess along with toys, dishes, diapers, spilled food/water, as well as my own mess. Maybe then I could actually invite someone over, have a place for them to sit and even a place to eat and play without an "excuse our mess while we remodel" sign! :) The house really is becoming a beautiful home and I am very proud of it, dust and all, and can't wait to show it off. And Thad has become quite the handyman too! I better get back to cleaning's getting late and time is short! Until the next time...

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The Edwards Family said...

I love your honesty. There is no Super Mom facade. Most of us feel the way you do, like on any given day we re just getting by. It is nice to know that I am not the only one.

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