Saturday, August 30, 2008

How I spent my last week of vacation...

What a crazy week. Thad has been busy with his two classes that started on the 18th (he's taking Economics and Biology and enjoying both) but even more busy with installing our air conditioner! He's been up in the attic for probably the last three weeks getting the wiring/pipes/floor prepped, then moving all of the heavy equipment up there, and this week he got it running and is finishing up the ducting. Did you know that is where DUCT tape comes from? They actually use it on ducting/ducts and they do it ON purpose, not just to Jimmy rig it?! But under further investigation I found that in some places it is not up to code to use regular duct tape, but they have longer lasting aluminum and metal tapes that work better and last longer!

Sammy always wants to climb up the ladder and see Daddy in the aa-kick (attic) so Thad let him go up and help him tonight a bit before bed.
Sammy and Daddy in the attic... :) Cute!
Thad peeking out from one of the new holes in the living room for the AC.

The boys and I have been trying to stay busy and fun and sane (and I've been busy trying not to do anything I'll regret ;) to my two year old). Sammy has been in a mood or a funk or something this week. He doesn't want to sleep at night, he throws things, mouths off, and is just not being him. I don't know what to do. I need to do some research online and continue to pray hard because I need some major help or intervention! Supernanny where are you?! (This picture is when Sammy snuck outside and got on Ed's parked scooter!)

Here are some pictures that show you what we've been up trying to fit lots of fun times in before I officially head in to work on Tuesday bright and early for meetings and then to set up my room. I don't have students until Thursday, Sept. 4th.

Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon we spent sometime at the "happiest place on earth". I really do enjoy being with my family there. Monday we hit Disneyland, the Dumbo ride, the carousel, the monorail, and the train. Wednesday we went to California Adventure and did the Bug's Life Land with the toddler rides. It was a lot of fun!

Here is Sammy having fun on Flik's Flyers -- pretending to be a bug!Nathan enjoying being on Daddy's shoulders!

Friday night we went to see John Williams conduct the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a nice show (besides the stressful part in the middle when my sitter called and said that Sammy wouldn't go to bed, and kept coming out of his room. I finally called my mom and she went over about 9:45 and used her ANGRY voice and it worked! Thank goodness for moms!) My favorite part was when they played the theme from Star Wars about 200 people pulled out their lightsabers -- it looked really neat! I think that my favorite song was the Superman theme though. :)

We also went to Oceanside for a day but my camera died before I got any good pictures of my kids. Today I just tried to relax a bit, but I had to do some laundry, dishes, and light cleaning. Sigh. I am super worried about next week if Sammy keeps this up. I can't get my work stuff done if I have to fight with him for an hour and a half every night to get him to bed. I have work that I have to do once they go to sleep...and food to fix...and dishes to do...and laundry to fold/put away...and toys to clean up...and man, that makes me tired thinking about doing all that!


Jen Kesler said...

Good luck...I hope this next school year is a good one, both with school and your boys! It's a major balancing act!

Melinda said...

hi Allison!!!!!

I don't even know if you remember me or not, we were in the El Dorado Singles Ward together for a brief time.

Anywho ... I came across your blog thru a friend of a friend! :) I hope you don't mind.

So welcome to the terrible 2's!!

Have you signed up with they send updates regarding your child's age, and give really helpful tips etc. I HIGHLY recommend this site.

I never have a problem putting my kid to bed until recently. I just let her cry it out a little and then she will talk to herself and then finally will go to sleep. Also if you are still giving him afternoon naps, maybe they are too long?! Cut it by an hour and see if that will help with the night time sleeping.

Also if your 2 year old is in a normal bed and not a crib, you should put a baby gate up across his door untl he goes to sleep. I hear that helps, so that way he can't sneak out of the room, while he should be sleeping :)

Good Luck! It does get better, so I hear! :)

Jenny said...

I'm an old BYU friend of your sister Cathy's and would love to get in touch with her. Could you pass on her email to me? Its

Shanda said...

Yeah for ALLISON!!! I am so glad you found me! It is so weird I have totally been thinking about you lately and was going to see if your email I have still works! Super cute boys!!! I miss you ALLI! Love you tons!

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