Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birthday Boys

BdayCupcakesHappy Belated Birthday to my two October birthday boys!

Nathan turned two earlier this month on the 5th and Sammy finally turned four on October 15th. They are still very young and I’m not a fancy person so we did a small family party at the park again and it was a hit! I can’t believe how quickly they are growing and how independent (and stubborn) they are!

Sammy_BdayI have to say that Sammy was the cutest on his birthday. When he woke up in the morning and I told him that it was his birthday he got the biggest smile on his face and said “I’m four!” He thinks that four is some kind of rite of passage and often said things like, “when I’m four I’ll be able to chew gum” or “I’ll be able to skate” or “ride a bike without training wheels” or anything else he thought he was too small for. He’s still not big enough to do many things but he’ll get there. He’s still growing like a weed (He’s 45” already!) and size wise would fit in nicely in any kindergarten class ;) He loves to tell stories and is constantly talking and making up stories and pretending to be dinosaurs or power rangers and more. Four is quite challenging at times with discipline but I hope that we figure him out quickly!


Nathan is getting big too! It’s hard to remember Sammy being that small. He is a loud, boisterous chatterbox who loves trains and his brothers. He loves to play outside whenever he can and if you turn your back on him for 30 seconds he’ll have ridden his bike further than you can see. His new thing to yell out this week is “why?” but I think his favorite things to yell are “Outside” and “MOM!” which he’ll yell over and over and over again until I respond or help him. He’s getting quite independent but is still a little boy! He’s also growing and already is 37 1/2” tall and is quite sturdy (as well as heavy)!

We were glad to be able to celebrate a bit at the park. It was lots of fun with the family and friends that could make it. We love our boys!!! Enjoy the pictures.


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