Thursday, October 29, 2009

It happens to everyone, right?

I think that there is a story in every family about someone coming up and showing their mom or dad a handful of hair. Today it was Sammy. He came up with a handful of strawberry blonde hair in one hand, a mini electric trimmer in the other and a bunch of bald spots on his head. He said, “Daddy, I cut my hair!” At least his hair grows quickly!

If you look closely you can see five or six spots on the left and one straight up from his ear where he nicked his head a little bit. Luckily his hair is very light and he is a boy! Phew!

Update: The next morning as I was hugging Nate before work I noticed an interesting spot on top of his head. You guessed it, Sammy had also helped Nate with a little bit of a haircut. I asked him, “Did Sammy cut your hair?” to which he replied, “yep!” Oh well. It’s just one chunk!

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