Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Samism: Money 101

Borden Milk Sammy had just poured a giant glass of milk. Mommy remembering him pouring out the extra milk last time began this conversation.

Mommy: Sammy, drink what you want but then don’t pour it out. Mommy will drink the rest. It costs Mommy money to buy milk!

Sammy: Okay. But Mom, then just don’t use your money.

Mommy: Don’t buy milk?

Sammy: No, but use your money to buy more dollars. And then go to school.

Mommy: Go to school?

Sammy: Yes, when you go to school you get more money. And then you can get more food, milk (and a big list that mommy can’t remember now).

Mommy: Oh.

Sammy: See! Just go to school*.

*I guess that the “going to school” is going to work right? :) I do go to work (school) to earn money…

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