Friday, August 6, 2010

Planes, Trains and a lot of fun…

NewCamera_July31_2010_MarineCorpsOceansideRailwayMuseum_ 015 We were a little crazy and over planned last Saturday but we had a lot of fun! We started the day off right after Danny’s first nap and headed South to Miramar to the Marine Corps “Flying Leathernecks” outside open-air museum. We met our friends, Chris and Victoria and their daughter Elisabeth, and he gave us a tour and taught us about each of the helicopters, fighter jets and more. Sammy was enthralled and had a blast. Nathan and Danny enjoyed it as well. It was great to go with Christopher because he knew so much!

Then we jumped in the car and headed back to Oceanside (we passed it on the way to Miramar) but on the way there passed the San Diego Temple (which is undergoing a major cleaning/renovation!)

We met my parents in Oceanside for an afternoon of swimming and sun! The boys played for a good three hours in the pool and Thad even had a boy (about 10 or 11) “adopt” him for the afternoon. He got a good taste of what it will be like when the boys are bigger and how much more physical they’ll be in the pool (attacking him!) Sammy is getting very brave in the water and “swims” a few feet with his head under the water, and his eyes open. He took one swim lesson at Splash! this year and we’ll sign him up again in the fall! He had Thad throw him up high in the air at least twenty times (see the photo on the far left). Nathan did it too (in the floaty that was for Danny but got most used by Nate!)

Then about 6 pm we got out of the pool, got dried off and then headed north to Perris, CA for members night at OERM (Orange Empire Railway Museum). The train park usually closes at 5 but it was open until 11 or so and we could ride old trains and trolleys and Grandpa Marcroft even got to drive one!

We changed the boys into their PJs and drove home. We were all exhausted but it was a good day. I still can’t believe that we travelled 274 miles that day!

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