Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Sammy!

IMG_5638 Better late than never right? At least I got him a birthday cake made in between school and soccer practice! :) I had planned on posting something on Friday but I passed out right after I got the boys in bed!

Sammy boy likes….Legos, especially “big boy” Legos, Star Wars, Special Agent Oso, Backyardigans, Veggie Tales and anything else that he can watch on Netflix, trains, tying things up with rope or anything that resembles rope (including important cords ugh!), school, riding his bike, throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get his way, eating cheese roll ups and ham and cheese sandwiches, anything camouflage, his brothers, bugs, telling me what he’ll do/allow his kids to do when he’s a parent, train chasing, oh and his new “crossing guard chasing” where we search for crossing guards on the way home from school—he told me that Norwalk must not have any schools because he only has seen crossing guards in Cerritos—ha!)

He dislikes timeouts (especially now that he is five he tells me, “I don’t like being five!), having to hurry in the morning (or any other time), eating pasta, not being able to play outside every minute of every day, having to go to the grocery store with me instead of play and taking pictures when I ask (unless he thinks of it!)

Other little facts about Sam…he’s literally growing like a weed and I’m having trouble keeping clothes and shoes in the house that fit him. He’s four feet tall and still has that strawberry blonde hair that glistens in the light. He loves to smile, giggle, be tickled and wrestle. He loves to wear his suit on Sundays (and throws a fit if he has misplaced his suit coat) and loves Primary. He is a joy to have around (well, most of the time—as long as he has eaten and is well rested and isn’t throwing a fit about something!) He’s growing up so quickly before I know it he’ll be in high school and then on a mission, in college and eventually married. And I know that we’ll enjoy it while it lasts…

One other fun or silly thing…I still remember the cute little hats that they give you on your birthday! I remember this one especially from Mrs. Harvey when I turned 6! I took a picture of Sammy with his on…he didn’t take it off all day long and now he is sleeping with it.

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