Monday, October 4, 2010

Kid updates…

Life is crazy. School is crazy (and I’m already behind). But the boys are crazier.

Quick updates…since I really should be grading!

Sammy_CubbieSammy – Loves school, or in his words, “it’s awesome!” Gets green cards (good behavior) and has brought home a few purple cards for extra special good listening and following directions. Is already trying to be a missionary and is always asking people if they’re “members of the church” or today, “if they saw General Conference and Thomas S. Monson”. He is growing like a weed literally and I’m having trouble keeping shoes and clothes on him. He is very tired and still trying to adjust to being in preppie k all day long and often throws tantrums when he finally gets home; today’s fit was about everyone saying he’s five or six when he’s only four. <sigh> He eats a ton. He loves tostadas, cheese rollups, broccoli, celery, carrots, Jell-o, pudding, cookies, ice cream and anything with chocolate in it. This past weekend he had the chance to bring home “Cubbie” from school and we took a picture in my classroom together.

IMGP4342Nathan – will be three tomorrow…is enjoying more time with Daddy while Sammy’s at school. Sometimes he wants to eat his food cold and sometimes will eat it hot, but not too hot. Is quite a story teller and likes “to be silly”. He has huge dimples and a great smile and is very sensitive if I scold him. Has mostly grown out of the turning blue and crying thing but if he’s really upset I do make sure that he sits/lays down still.  He loves to eat the same things that Sammy does for the most part (but doesn’t want butter on anything that Sammy does) and always wants to play with whatever Sammy is playing with. He loves playing with Danny and is now trying to pick him up (ahhh!) He is kind of a night owl and likes to come out to see what is going on :(

IMG_5630Danny – Is 13 months and started walking about a month ago. Within the last two weeks he’s gotten pretty good and can walk anywhere he wants to but he is still pretty wobbly too. He is enjoying chasing the boys down the sidewalk and climbing up the stairs at Grandma and Grandpa Driggs’ house. He even tries to walk and kick the ball at soccer practice! He loves to eat veggie straws, ice cream, peaches and mandarin oranges, pasta and to drink real milk. He is a happy little guy who charms almost everyone he meets with his contagious and warm smile. He does not enjoy being told “no” and seems to be quite sensitive like Nathan.

We love our three boys. Today at the market they were giving me a run for my money (rainy day with too much energy) and a lot of people were just staring at us (their faces said “what was that lady thinking bringing all three to the store?!” but we survived. Didn’t break anything at the store. Didn’t lose anyone. Saved $18 with coupons and finally restocked the fridge and cupboards (thank goodness October finally arrived!) They love each other and although they each have more energy than Thad and I combined we wouldn’t give any of them back!

p.s. Here is a video of the baby “walking” a little at Auntie Sarah’s  house (even though these are from a little while back when he was just starting out and he would fall as soon as I had the camera out.)

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Jen Kesler said...

such cute boys! it's been awhile since i've been able to catch up on your awesome fam!! keep up the good work!!!!!

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