Saturday, June 11, 2011

Now you see it….now you don’t!

Sammys1stLostTooth_9Sammy went on a field trip on Tuesday and Thad got lots of nice pictures of Sammy and his class at the harbor(hopefully they’ll be my next post!)

He came home on Wednesday and told me his tooth was loose and a few hours later it was in his hand! He even celebrated it cousin Jared’s bday song on the phone (Happy birthday to you I have a loose tooth Happy birthday to you it fell out today Happy birthday dear Jared I have a loose tooth Happy birthday to you Cha cha chaaa!)

He was not happy when the tooth fairy brought him a dollar in coins (three quarters, two dimes and a nickel so that he could pay his tithing) because he wanted a dollar bill (that is what the neighbor girls get but oh well.) Thad and I weren’t ready for his new grin yet—we didn’t have enough time to prepare mentally—but oh well, he sure loves it!

p.s. Lots of people say he looks like me, and some say like Thad but in these pictures I can definitely see what they’re talking about for once!

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