Sunday, June 12, 2011

“Puppy” K–Fieldtrips

OC Zoo Fieldtrip

I took the day off for this one and played mommy instead of Mrs. Marcroft for the day! We boarded a giant bus, put on our seatbelts (yes, they all have seatbelts!) and headed to the OC. It was a nice little zoo which was perfect for a 1-2 hour jaunt before a nice 12 minute train ride and then a peaceful sack lunch on the beautiful grounds. Sammy was smiling from ear to ear and I was glad that I got to go and play!

Newport Harbor Fieldtrip

I don’t know all of the specs since I didn’t get to go on this one but Thad relayed this much of the story to me since Grandma watched the boys and he got to go. I know that their bus arrived late to the dock and they missed their boat but that one of the girl’s mom’s worked on some of the boats and was able to get one of her employers to take all of the kids out on his boat. They got to be on their a whole hour and even eat lunch on the boat! The kids had a great time!

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