Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sammy’s 1st Day of Kindergarten

Sammy1stDay_Kindergarten_Sept2011_ 005 He was so ready to start school this year he was counting down the days and when Thursday, September 8th arrived and I went in his room he woke up with the cutest (and hugest) smile ever. He was so ecstatic. He even got dressed quickly (a miracle if you know Sammy) got his backpack ready and shoes and socks on.

He has Miss Lim this year who was Maddy’s teacher last year and he is so excited. I think that it will be a fun year for all! He’ll miss Mrs. MacInnis a bit but Nathan will have her next year in Preppie-K! :)

I did ask him about his day when I got home from my first day and he said, “It was awesome!” Enough said. I’m glad that he loves it!

P.S. I am laughing about his crazy hair in the picture…Thad took the camera on the first day but I had forgotten to charge the battery so he wasn’t able to take a picture. This is from the second day of school. Sammy was still asleep when I left for CHS so he must have just woken up and gone! I guess that this hairdo is kind of in though?

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Cathy said...

Yea, Sammy Boy! I'm so excited you had a great first day. :)

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