Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sammy and the Power Snakes!

SoccerGrandkidsSept172011-20113Sammy started his second year of soccer and I think that he is enjoying it a lot more than last year. They actually have teams this year of five little guys and they play three-on-three. He is playing with two kids from year, Henry and Elias, and Elias’ dad Chris is the coach. Sammy seems to really like Coach Chris and I think the smaller group is helping Sam have a little more individualized attention since he’s still trying to learn the basics.

They had their first game yesterday and they “won” even though I think that there was no official score taken. They each scored (even Sammy, thank goodness) and it was fun to watch their mini 7.5 minute quarters. Here is to a great season Power Snakes! :)


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{Jason and Elan} said...

How cute! I love the top picture of Sammy posing...what a silly boy!

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