Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween is so much more fun with kiddos. Everyone was so excited about it all month and they could hardly contain themselves when it finally arrived. We went to two church parties and then got to trick or treat on Halloween! Here are some of our pictures! :)

We had a Spiderman…

Halloween2011_ 049

a Jack Sparrow…

ChurchHalloweenParty2011_ 023

a monkey named Curious George

Halloween2011_ 047

who would have been cute but not as cute without his friend the Man with the Yellow Hat…

ChurchHalloweenParty2011_ 006_edited

and Mommy and the soon to be baby dressed up too…He was Mike Wazowski!

Halloween2011_costumemaking_ 007

On Halloween we visited and trick or treated a little with Grandma Driggs’, ate chili at Great Grandma Marcroft’s house with her, Grandma and Grandpa Marcroft and the Badalamenti cousins and then trick or treated with Sarah and her boys. I was pooped and very sore by the end of the night but the boys were happy and had fun. Even Danny knew what was going on and was ready with his phrase “Treat! Thank you. Welcome!”

A Photo with the cousins…

Halloween2011_ 061

and one of just my boys after the church trunk-or-treat…

ChurchHalloweenParty2011_ 064

okay…and just one more because I like this picture. ;)

Halloween2011_ 051

Happy Halloween!

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