Friday, May 24, 2013

Field Trip Fun x2–May 23, 2013

TheBoys_May2013_Sam'sFieldTripCentFarm 002Thursday was field trip day for the boys! I, sadly, was only able to go to one since I have not yet figured out how to easily divide myself into two although it would be helpful at times. ;) Sam’s teacher had asked me in the fall to save up this date so I went with them to Centennial Farm at the OC Fair Grounds. First we stopped at the farmer’s market to look at all of the produce before the Farm opened at 10 am. YUM! At the farm we had little tours by some TheBoys_May2013_Sam'sFieldTripCentFarm 041cute, retired farmers-ours was Farmer Tom! I got to take my own group with two more parent helpers and it was fun. We saw lots of farm animals, I learned that ox was more like a job description that they give to cows that are trained to work, we learned about eggs being fertilized and the steps until they hatch and then held some baby chicks, planted radishes (which we got to take home), saw tons of cool plants, learned about milking Holsteins and Jerseys and the difference between the milks, and more! Fun was had by all! :)

Nathan_May2013_24Nathan’s class went to the La Habra Children’s Museum. I was glad that his best buddy’s Skye’s mom was there so that I got to see lots of pictures of the museum. It looks pretty cool and I’m hoping to take the kids there this summer! Saturday, June 1st it’s free (Target free days) but then in July it’s changing to the first Sunday of each month :( but oh well. Nathan_May2013_10Sarah said that they had an area with taxidermy animals that you could touch, a pretend store, an excavating site, a pirate ship with dress up clothes, a carousel (that was included with admission!) and more. Nathan loved it! I definitely think we’ll have to go back this summer. 

They were both exhausted but happy and a great day was had by all! Enjoy the pictures!

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Sisters Marie said...

i love children's museums. we have one here and the kids always have a blast!

Sisters Marie
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