Friday, July 12, 2013

Danny-ism: Mommy, your tummy is thirsty!


Setting: Hot Summer day…

Danny boy: Yum! My tummy loves juice!

Mommy: Your tummy loves water too…

Danny boy: Yes, it does! And your tummy does too. Mommy, your tummy is thirsty.

Mommy: It is?

Danny boy: Yes, my baby sister is thirsty.

Mommy: Oh yes, she probably is.

(He went and filled up a glass of water)

Danny boy: Oh, and I’ll share my baby sister with you, okay?

Mommy: Oh good.

Danny boy: Yes, and then she’ll say “oh Mommy” and “oh Danny boy!” Giggling…

Mommy: Yes Danny…she will!

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