Monday, September 23, 2013

My Sunday Afternoon: DIY Bow ties! :)

IMG_0455I finally did it… I picked up some $1 ties at the dollar store and decided that I’d try this pin that I had seen a while back but I kept putting off making them. This past Sunday when the two youngest were napping :) I grabbed some scissors and went to work. I am pleased with the results and thought I’d share!

The website that I found the tutorial is here:

You can make two bow ties from one of daddy’s ties that he doesn’t like or one you can get on clearance, at Ross, at Goodwill, or hey, the dollar store! If you are going to make two you probably need some elastic or ribbon for the neck park! :) I used elastic with Velcro since I wanted them to be a little more adjustable.


Anyway…if you have a boy (or four!) and buying bow ties is too expensive try this out! I’m hoping to make two more another day and then try and talk Daddy into wearing a long version (I grabbed 4 ties that day at the dollar store) to be matching with their new little sister (I have a little jean dress with a yellow sweater—won’t it be fun? The ties are light blue with a yellow stripe).

Oh…and I even got a little “crazy” and fixed two broken clip-ons and sewed elastic on them as well! :) How’s about a little woot woot for me!


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