Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nathan: Age 6

Happy (late) Birthday to our Nate Nate! :) It’s been busy around our house with final baby preparations and school happenings with Thad that although we didn’t forget to celebrate, I did forget to blog!

TheBoys_October2013_ 012

So, Nathan is finally six. I remember about 9 months ago or so when he had turned five just a few months before that he had begun telling me (and others) that he was now six. He would get very feisty when I would correct him and he would tell me that he had already turned five so now he was six. Silly boy…

Well, he started kindergarten at Cerritos and is doing well there. (I’m also going to sneak a picture of Sammy boy starting 2nd grade here too since I never posted his picture either!)

     IMGP1072    IMGP1078

He is growing, growing, growing and trying to catch up to Sam (which is proving to be impossible for now) but is still sprouting up.

He is full of boundless energy and has to be reminded to slow down and quiet down (inside voices!) often.

He loves the color green, Legos, books, popsicles, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I think that he’d eat them every meal if he could!), cars, planes, cereal, space shuttles, ice cream, grapes, pears, and apples.

He does NOT like to be scolded and is very sensitive, and can be very sweet. He gives great big hugs, and still prefers to be called Nathan (not Nathanael!) 

He is our Nathan and we wouldn’t trade him for anything!

TheBoys_September2013_ 006

Here he is with one of his teeth that fell out! He’s missing two now! :)

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