Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A love story: Ben + Emma

Everyone always (read: with each kid) asks me if the two-year-old gets jealous of the baby and I can honestly say that all of the boys have always been okay with the new babies :) which I’m grateful for. But this rough and tumble Benjamin has got a sweet spot for his Emma Jane. If you (are not Mom or Dad) and try to talk to him and she’s anywhere around he will divert the attention and babble and tell you about Em-ma! Ba-by! Em-MA!

Here are a few pictures and my made up 2-year-old dialogue (since he’s not using full sentences yet; he enjoys grunting and throwing his 30-40 word vocab around if and when he feels like it!) These were taken in a two-minute period on Saturday during Danny’s baseball game while we were “relaxing” at the park. Enjoy!

TheKids_April2014_ 062

Ben: Hi Emma! How are you? I wanted to come see you. How are you?

(By the way, I don’t think that he actually said anything intelligible at any point besides maybe “Emma” and  “baby” and maybe “Mama” to get my attention.)


TheKids_April2014_ 065

Emma: Hi Ben!

(She is always happy to see him and so patient with him even when he’s a bit…hmm… crazy?!)





TheKids_April2014_ 066

Ben: You want this bottle? Hmm. Taste it for a second and then I’ll take it away and giggle. It’s so fun!






TheKids_April2014_ 068

Ben: I do just love laying by you and snuggling with you (or on top to hug you but Mom says that I’m smothering you) so I’ll just lay here. I’ll put my chin on your shoulder. What do you think?




TheKids_April2014_ 069Ben: How about another hug? I was just missing you!








TheKids_April2014_ 070Ben: Yes! That is nice! I love hugs! :)








TheKids_April2014_ 071

Ben: Hey look Emma! You have eyes just like I do! Awesome!







TheKids_April2014_ 072Ben: Beep! Aunt Addie and my big brothers always beep my nose…It’s funny!:)







TheKids_April2014_ 075Ben: I just want to kiss and pretend to eat your little fingers because they are so cute and you let me! Thanks!






TheKids_April2014_ 079


Ben: Isn’t life great?







TheKids_April2014_ 076Emma: Yep!

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