Sunday, August 23, 2009

My little Sunbeam Sammy :D

I got a wonderful email from Sammy's Sunday school teacher today and I had to share/document it. It made me feel good inside to know that he's listening at church (and at home) and getting so big!

Here is the letter from Kathryn:

Wanted to share this because it made me happy.

Sometimes as a Sunbeam teacher you wonder if you are even getting the main point of the lessons across to these squirmy little ones. Today Sammy showed that yes indeed we do manage to help them learn something each week.

First I have to share that the lesson two weeks ago was on saying I'm sorry if you've hurt someone's feelings or whatever. Then last week the lesson was on forgiving others.

So today...some of the kids kept getting up and down and I've had to remind them to please sit back down in their chairs. Accidentally, Laura bumped into ALina who came over to tell me that Laura hurt her. Before I could say a word in regards to the situation, Sammy pipes up with this:

Alina, I saw it was an accident. But Laura you still need to say I'm sorry. (Laura says "I'm sorry") And Alina you need to say you forgive her. (Alina says "I forgive you Laura.") Okay now we can go back to our lesson."

Sister Woods gave those two lessons. She's going to love hearing how Sammy remembered them and put them to good use and in class no less!


Jen Kesler said...

So cute! Does that sound like Thad or what?

Kathryn said...

Oh I'm so glad you loved reading this! I know as a mother myself I would love to hear things from their primary teachers or school teachers. As mothers we savor every moment but we can't be there for everything as they get older. So I try to share special moments with my little Sunbeams parents as often as I can and today it was Sammy's moment. I sure love seeing his bright smiling face each week! And now I'll love seeing it even more knowing that he's really soaking it all in. :)

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