Friday, August 7, 2009

Wet and Wild Summer Fun

SummerFun_Aug2009_MayfairPark_ 035All kids love water, right? And it’s hot, right? Well we’ve been doing a bit of playing in the water (although I live in Southern California and haven’t taken the boys to the beach since…heck, I don’t remember the last time! I think that it was a spring bonfire?) Oh well. Here are a few cute pictures of those lovable boys of mine.



My sister Cathy called and invited us over to Grandma’s house to play on Lizzie’s slip ‘n’ slide. Jared was really the only one who understood the concept of running, jumping, slipping and sliding but they all had fun.SummerFun_Grandma'sHouse_Aug2009_SlipNSlide_ 004

Sammy tried to do it but needed a bit of help! 


SummerFun_Grandma'sHouse_Aug2009_SlipNSlide_ 017

Nate would just lay down and yell “help me please!” until someone would come over and pull him down the slide!


Today we went to Mayfair Park and played in their wading pool with some friends from church and with the Fongs. It has some nice shade for the moms to sit down in and lots of water for the kiddos!

SummerFun_Aug2009_MayfairPark_ 007


SummerFun_Aug2009_MayfairPark_ 037






Me and my boys!SummerFun_Aug2009_MayfairPark_ 052

SummerFun_Aug2009_MayfairPark_ 006  SummerFun_Aug2009_MayfairPark_ 020










Here is a picture of our cousins the Fongs…SummerFun_Aug2009_MayfairPark_ 048


Jen Kesler said...

Fun stuff!! Mayfair park was the water place I was trying to tell you about several weeks ago. I can't believe I couldn't remember the name...I've been away from CA too long now!

wackywilsons said...

They are adorable! So glad I could meet them in person!

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