Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not here yet…

P1070308I have four days until my “official” due date and this is my official “no baby has arrived yet” announcement! It is funny how different each pregnancy has been.

With Sammy I had a pretty normal  pregnancy at the beginning with morning sickness at night, craved root beer floats, and slept through the night until giving birth a week late. They stripped my membranes (can you say OUCH—that hurt more than the contractions at the beginning), Smamy_skinnyhI was in labor all day long (effectively missing the big Mayfair vs. Cerritos volleyball game that I should have been coaching) and then he finally arrived at 3 am. He was a skinny 7 lb 8 oz and I know for most that is a big kid but you should have seen his long skinny arms and flaps of skin that were in need of some good baby fat!

With Nathan I guess the pregnancy was similar to Sam’s different  cravings (nothing funky but nothing that  I even remember) but really bad, sharp pain heartburn! He arrived happily on his due date--a nice, plump 9 lbs 4 oz. One big difference was the Braxton hicks and pre-labor contractions with Nate; I wasn’t sure* if I was in labor or not so I finished working (it was a Friday) and finally decided around 5:30 that I was in labor and had Nathanael by 9:30 pm. (*When I called to see if I was in labor the nurse on the phone kept telling me, “If you’re talking to me then obviously you’re NOT having contractions – go figure!) Nathan_newborn3

This one I have been pretty normal but still throwing up from time to time (yuck) mostly from a nasty heartburn that burns and then makes me vomit! :( I craved El Pollo Loco (cheap and easy, close by my house and the drive thru is open till midnight!) Forget sleeping through the night--I'm up all the time to pee, because I’m in pain or just uncomfy! And the worst part has been the anxiety (about his arrival!) About two weeks ago I saw my RNP and she said something like, “ohhh, I hope you’re ready! This guy is coming soon!” I left super nervous and made sure that the bags were in the car and started mentally preparing since my body was already preparing itself and it looked like he was going to come early but then my body just stopped! He’s definitely dropped and the rest of my body is ready just no contractions!

I don’t want to induce (unless he’s in danger) in case he’s like Sammy and still needs more time to “cook”. But I have never been so mentally ready for him to come! Ugh. Oh well. He’ll come in his due time, right? Either way I’ll be happy to hold him, love him and excited to see what big brothers think of him. I don’t especially look forward to the sleepless nights, endless diapers and feeding, and feeling stuck at home but who does?! ;) Nathan_bigBroSammy

We wonder what he’ll look like--will he be fair and strawberry blonde with blue eyes like big brother Sam or a darker blonde like Nate? Or will he have big brown eyes ? I’m convinced that my first girl will have brown eyes like me and be sad but that my boys will have blue eyes! What will his name be this time? Will we know the instant that we hear it like we did the last time or will it take a little bit of time like Sammy? So many questions…Until then we’ll anxiously await his arrival!

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Jen Kesler said...

Cute post and pics. Good luck with everything...ypu guys will be in my prayers!

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