Monday, September 7, 2009

Danny’s First Trip to Disneyland

BoysBeingSilly_Sept3,2009_Disneyland_ 007 Most people think that we’re crazy, or that I’m crazy, and well I guess that I can’t argue with that but we’ve already ventured out to Disneyland with the whole family. We love going with the boys and since we’re not crazy enough to go during the summer we finally decided that it would be fun to take all three boys there this week. We went a few times when I was on maternity leave after having Nathanael and people left us alone and it was nice for Sammy (and for me as well) to get out and play.BoysBeingSilly_Sept3,2009_Disneyland_ 001

So, on September 3rd we headed to Downtown Disney (we like to ride the Monorail) and then into the park. We took pictures of Daniel after every ride so that you could see just how much he enjoyed it but he looks about the same in every picture—asleep! He didn’t wake up until we were transferring him into the car and then he fell back asleep only to wake up later so that mommy could feed him.


BoysBeingSilly_Sept3,2009_Disneyland_ 019Here are some pictures of our first adventure with Daniel and his two big brothers. We sang with the birds and the flowers in the Tiki Room, reluctantly took pictures with Captain Hook, shot at Zurg on Buzz Lightyear, flew the Spaceships right outside of Buzz Lightyear on the Astro Orbitor, rode the horses on the Carousel, cruised through It’s a Small World and then took the Monorail back out to Downtown Disney. 


We had a lot of fun and will probably go again this week (although Grandma volunteered to take Danny boy so that we could just play with the big boys!) Life is good!

BoysBeingSilly_Sept3,2009_Disneyland_ 044

BoysBeingSilly_Sept3,2009_Disneyland_ 063

BoysBeingSilly_Sept3,2009_Disneyland_ 037


Jen Kesler said...

I don't think you're crazy, but then again, what kind of crazy am I!?! How fun to take all long as they're happy, you're happy, right!?! I really miss my "California pass."

Melinda said...

I Love your photos!! how do you write the captions on the bottom??

And what a great 1st family outting! DISNEYLAND! We did the same with Miranda, that was our first family trip as well! :) But she didn't sleep thru it, she was too busy looking around at everything. I guess that is because of the age difference.

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