Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Big Boy Sammy – His first talk

Sammy_September2009_ 016

Last Sunday we got a little note telling us that Sam was assigned a three minute Primary talk for the following Sunday. I was kind of excited for him and nervous and wondered what to do it on. We finally decided to have him tell one of his favorite Bible stories--Daniel and the Lion's Den.

I put it off but eventually we wrote it out in kid form and I hoped that it wouldn’t be too long. He did a great job and repeated most of what I said. A few times he got so excited that instead of repeating after me he yelled out the next part (pretty good for not practicing at all with him) and the other kids giggled but he just smiled even bigger. I was very proud of him and he was so happy looking back at us in Primary—his smile said it all!

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