Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Legoland, CA

Legoland_9-28-09_ 002 We went to visit my sister Carolyn and her family and she got us some free tickets to Legoland and the aquarium for the day. The big kids were in school but Carrie and Ashley, and friends Laura and Ashton, joined us at the park.

We'd never been there before and we were excited to go. It was a really hot day but the kids had a lot of fun. Sammy got to go on the most rides because he was the tallest/oldest but all of the kids had fun. They have a water park inside of the park and an aquarium next door so there were a variety of things to do.

Too bad this park isn't closer or we could go more often. Here are a few pictures of our adventures there!


To see the rest of our pictures from our adventure check out Smugmug! :)


jen and michael said...

That is one cute nursing cover you have!!

Melinda said...

looks like hubby was enjoying it more than the boys were! LOL :) so is it worth to go then? we have one in Germany and i wasn't sure if it was worth it or not?! Marissa LOVES legos so this may be the place for her I thinking!

OH .. btw .. you look GREAT!! how do you loose your baby fat so fast?? Seriously! I am totall jealous! I still have a ways to go yet! Do you not eat? What is your secret! LoL

Trimbles said...

Im glad you are atleast surviving. Im gonna have to pick your brain when it comes to 3 kids! Daniel is so tall already! I cant believe how big he looks in the car seat.

wackywilsons said...

You are ambitious! Legoland!!!

I really liked the pic of you three boys on your couch too...and what a handsome little man in that suit!

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