Monday, January 11, 2010

More Sam-isms

Sammy_FallLeaf Here are some things that Mommy has overheard Sammy, age four, say…

I know that there is a Sammy Star Wars and Daddy Star Wars, but "is there a Mommy Star Wars?"

"When I'm eight I'm going to be baptized but I'm scared to go under the water!"

(Whining) "Awww, these sandals are going to break my feet!" (I still don't know what this one means but ever since I pulled out a pair of lace up shoes he wants nothing to do with his velcro sandals or shoes and says this every time).

"Mommy, will you read that story to me again, but don't cry this time, okay?" (I admit to crying when reading the Friend with him, c’mon, some of those stories are really sweet!)

"Ready, Mommy Astronaut?"

"When I am older I'm going to buy the blue yo-gret (yogurt) since they're diet." (He always wants to buy the low fat blue Yoplait yogurt but I tell him no since they're diet but I don't think that he really knows what it means but he really wants them!)

"Ugh! I'm going to give you away!" (When he's angry he tells us this, maybe because we give toys away if he's too naughty or breaks things?)

"I don't like that mean mommy." (He once told me that I'm the mean mommy when I have my hair down and that he wanted me to put my hair up so that I was the nice mommy).

"I can kiss Danny on the lips since I'm really careful." (I would prefer that he kisses Danny on the head or cheek but he has his own ideas!)

…and my personal favorite (that he has said quite a few times so I think that he has really thought about this!)lion-and-lamb

** Two more things that he told me the other night before heading to bed... "Mom, when I get bigger I don't want a really big bed, okay? And I don't want one of those timer things to wake me up in the morning." The second one made me laugh because I don't have a timer thing to wake me up so I don't know where he learned about those (I have three human alarm clocks in the form of little boys named Sammy, Nate and Danny!)

"Mom, when Jesus comes again can we have a sleepover with the lions?"

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Dan and Cat said...

I love how he is getting so big! The world must be a crazy place to figure out. :)

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