Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh Danny Boy!

IMG_4395I can’t believe that Daniel is already four months old! How time flies! He is such a happy baby who smiles at anyone and everyone, although he definitely loves his mom and dad the most! He loves having two older brothers and they just adore him and I often catch him staring at Sammy in the car with a huge grin plastered on his face! He is chewing on anything he can get into his mouth and loves to smile, coo and giggle!

He had his four month checkup and it is nice to not think that I’m crazy (since he seemed so big compared to the other babies I’ve seen…) He is 17 lbs 4 oz (I thought that he was a bit heavy!) but he’s not pudgy--just solid as a rock like the other two. He also measured in at 27 inches long (or the size of an average 7 month old the doctor said!) I guess it is in the genes! Dr. Cheng said that he was healthy, growing well and his size/weight are in proportion.

Sam-5monthsWe look forward to watching him grow up and to see what his hair will look like (since he’s still pretty bald). He looks a lot like what Sammy did when he was little; I enjoy trying to trick Thad by asking him to guess which baby is which! We feel very blessed to have him in our family. :)

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